My first fanfic.It`s based of the Spongebob Squarepants Episode "Dying for Pie"


Apple Jack visits Twillights House were Twillight says it is the annual "Giving of Gifts" Celebration!A day where Pony`s give there freinds a special present.AJ,bone dry on an idea for Pinkie,buys a cupcake from a shifty pony at the last minute.But,little does she know that AJ bought a poisiness cupcake,made by an evil potion maker!AJ wants to make Pinkies last moments worth it before she get`s poisined.


Starts in a fantasy dream of Apple Jack.She is playing a banjo as Rainbow Dash,Rarity,Twillight and Derpy all square dance.She plucks a string and hears the sound of a rubber duck.Confused,she continues to pluck it.She then sees that Pinkie Pie is holding a Rubber Duck with a crazy grin.


Apple Jack wakes up in her bed a little creeped out.

  • AJ:phew.It was just a weird dream.
  • Pinkie Pie (appearing out of nowhere):APPLEJACK!!!

AJ wakes up again.This time for real.She pants.She looks at her clock on her bedside table which reads 1:00 pm.Also on her bedside table is a framed picture of Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack hanging out with eachother and a glass of water.

  • AJ:Allright,AJ.No more apple pie before bed!

We then fade to AJ in a carrage at morning.It pans on the back where we see a Bumper Sticker that reads "Manure Happens".Derpy,pulling the carrage,goes a little of course.

  • AJ:Whoa,Derpy!Keep track,buddy!This ain`t a secret agent opperation!
  • Derpy:Duhh,Sorry AJ!It`s just that the big thing is on today!
  • AJ:The big thing?What big thing?
  • Derpy:What big thing?
  • AJ:The big thing you were talking about!
  • Derpy:What`s a big thing?
  • AJ(Looking Annoyed):Nevermind.I`m just a little jittery to.I had a weird dream about Pinkie Pie last night.
  • Derpy:What do you mean?You had a dream about pink pies,or a dream about a pie with a pinky finger?
  • AJ:What in tarnation is a finger!?That sounds un-pony-like!
  • Derpy:I don`t know.It just came up.Anyway,were here.

Stops at Twillights house.AJ hears some music playing.

  • AJ:Dance Music?What in the blazes?(she goes inside and sees that Twillight and all her freinds are having a party.)Can anypony explain what`s going on here?
  • Twillight:Sorry AJ.I forgot to tell you.It`s the annual Giving of Gifts day.Turn down the music!(Music turns off)
  • AJ:You mean that was tody?But i thought it wasn`t untill next year!
  • Twillight:No,your thinking of the annual "sit and do nothing but breathe air" day.You know what today is!(Classical Music Starts.Twillight is Singing)Today is the day where we all..
  • Rarity:Pardon me Twillight,but this is not a musical.(Record Scratch)
  • Twillight:Oh,right.Sorry.Anyway,today is the day where we all give our freinds gifts!Now hang on!Pinkie picked you this year!
  • AJ:Why did she pick me?
  • Twillight:Same as always!(Holds up a hat)We draw names out of a hat!For instance,Flutter Shy gave me this wonderful hat!Now come on,Pinkie got you a t-shirt!
  • Pinkie:Apple Jack,i just hop you like my t-shirt as a put i lot of hard work into it,and i hope you shall wear it every day!(Shows her a black t-shirt)
  • AJ(Reading the shirt text with a "You gotta be kidding me!" voice):I Apple You?(Nervously)Well,(chuckles)that`s nice Pinkie Pie!But i remembered that me and Granny Smith were gonna make an apple crumble!So just leave that shirt in the furnace over there so it can burn and i`ll pick it up later!So,bye!
  • Twillight:Don`t leave yet!(looks at her with a cute face)Put it on!
  • AJ:Okay,for you!
  • Pinkie:I made it with my mom`s sewing machine!And the vinyls were made from pure lead-based rubber!(AJ squzees into the shirt)Do you like it?
  • AJ:It`s a little itchy.What`s this thing made of?
  • Pinkie Pie(Bald):Mane Hair!

AJ throws the shirt at her.

  • Pinkie Pie:I`ll take that as a yes.
  • AJ:Can i leave now?
  • Twillight:Hold on!You have to pick your name.(Holds up hat)
  • AJ:Okay.Guess it`s gonna be someone like Rainbow Dash.
  • Rainbow Dash:Sorry AJ.Lyra got me this pair of pants.I`m not sure what to do with them.Do i wear them?What`s with this bizz?Still,there pretty cool.
  • AJ:Oh.Well then i guess i`m getting some one else.(picks a name,Sighs Annoyed)What a surprise,Pinkie Pie!
  • Rainbow Dash(trying to put the pants on):Your Pinkie Pie!
  • Twillight:So,what will you get her?
  • AJ:I`ll buy the gal a teaddy bear.
  • Twillight:AJ,you can`t do that!They have to be made by hoof!It`s the rules!
  • AJ:I don`t care if the rules are to go ballroom dancing in a buring pit of fire with a piece of toast!I just wanna go home!(opens door and Pinkie Pie stands in her way)
  • Pinkie Pie:Do you like this shirt AJ!?It`s a green apple!!!
  • AJ:Son of a filly!

AJ Gallops away.

  • Twillight:I knew you would come around!
  • AJ:Sure Twillight.Anything for you.Now,what am i gonna get pinkie?

Theme Plays.After the theme,we see AJ in Bon Bon`s shop.

  • Bon Bon:Morning AJ!
  • AJ:Hi Bon Bon!Where`s Lyra?
  • Bon Bon:Oh,Lyra`s trying out this "Walking on two hooves" thing.It`s this new fad with her.Anyway,what can i get you?
  • AJ:Uh,i`ll take one cupcake please.
  • Bon Bon:Sorry,i`m all out.
  • AJ:WHAT!?You can`t!The store just opend!
  • Bon Bon:Sorry.Derpy took them all yesterday.She`s trying an experiment.She thinks that Cupcakes are just rip-offs of Muffins.
  • AJ:Bon Bon!You gotta help me!It`s for Pinkie Pie!It`s that give a pony a present thing day!
  • Bon Bon:Allright.(Whispers in AJ`s Ear)I know a pony near the alley behind this shop.He gives treats and goodies for anyone who can get him the dough.(laughs)Get him the dough!Get it?It`s a food pun!
  • AJ:Yeah,i get it.Thanks for the help Bon Bon.And tell Lyra I said hi.(leaves store)Behind the store,huh?(trodles behind the store and we see a yellowish-purpleish pony wearing a detective coat and press hat.He has a dollar and three coins for a cutie mark.)
  • ???:Hey buddy.Want a cupcake?(hands her a pink cupcake)But first,show me the moolah!
  • AJ:Heres all the money i have on me.(hands him a hoove of money)
  • ???:That`s what i`m talking about!Sweet mama!Here ya go!(hands her the cupcake)Now get outta my sight before the cops get onto me!(AJ gallops away and back to twillights house)
  • AJ:Here ya go Twillight!Fresh from the oven!(hands twillight the cupcake)Just tell me when Pinkie picks it up.
  • Twillight:Hold on.I might need a bite to see if you did it right.(takes a small bight.She turns a pale-ish green and starts choking.AJ,scared,performs the himlech manuvere on her.She coughs up the bite)You tried to kill me `cause i follow the rules!?You have a sick mind buddy!!!
  • AJ:It`s not my fault!Really!Let me explain.


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