Dagger is a strong willed unicorn who is a old friend of Pepper and Holly who stayed in Canterlot with his brother.

Kind Unicorn
Gender Male
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Occupation Soldier, Royal guard
Eyes Red
Mane Dark gray
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Coat Light silver
Cutie Mark Gold sheild behind a silver dagger

Early life


It is know that Dagger grew up under the wing of Princess Clestia and by the age of 13 he became a royal guard.

Life as a Guard

For being one of the youngest, at the age of 15, Dagger was given the job of protecting the starswirl the bearded wing. This is a high job for a filly like him, and in the process got his cutie mark

.With Pepper and Holly

When Dagger was 17 he was assigned as the princess's first guardian, but later remained in Canterlot when they moved to Ponyville.

Welcome to Hoffingford part 1

Not formally seen, a blue and green unicorn with Dagger's cutie mark appears on the train but has no real purpose.

Ump up the fear

Dagger is seen as a helper in K's show along with his brother Dj's mix. He talks to Pepper but is not seen again.

For the Love of Cadance part 2

Dagger is seen when Clestia gives Pepper and Holly the Elements of Haramony, and is once seen in the cheering ponies, but has no speaking role.

FFA day

Dagger is one of the royal judges.


He is seen as a pegasus in the crowad, he is later seen congradulating the team.

Rise of Awesomeness

Dagger is seen in the end, as a guard at the ceremony.


Dagger isn't based on anyone.