Dan VS. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Vs. My Littelest Pet Shop Vs. Ben 10: Omnverse is upcoming episode of Dan Vs.


[doors slam]

  • Twilight Sparkle: Man I lost my friends, my mentor and my brother what am I going to do now?
  • Dan: (off-screen) I will
  • Twlight Sparkle: Who we you what are you doing here?
  • Dan: My name is Dan and what's wrong well my friends, mentor and brother didn't believe in me
  • Dan: Really?
  • Twlight Sparkle: Yeah
  • Dan: Hey why are you staying with me
  • Twlight Sparkle: Really mean it
  • Dan: Yeah
  • Twlight Sparkle: Okay let's go I'll give them a note
  • Dan: Okay Let's go
  • Twlight Sparkle: Yeah

[Twlight puts a note on the floor]

[At Littlest Pet Shop world]

  • Blythe: Man what am I going to do now?
  • Dan (Off-Screen): I will
  • Blythe: Who are you? what are you doing here?
  • Dan: I'm Dan what's a problem?
  • Blythe: Well my father, my friend and her aunt doesn't believe me what am I going to do?
  • Dan: You could stay here with me
  • Blythe: Really?
  • Dan: Across
  • Blythe: Maybe I could give them a note
  • Dan: Good idea
  • [Blythe puts a note on the bed]
  • Dan: Okay let's go
  • (Dan using a ground bridge controller and Dan, Twlight and Blythe are going to Dan Vs. World)
  • Dan: Here we are
  • Blythe: Wow so that's Dan Vs. World
  • Dan: Yep
  • Twlight: Hey is that your apartment?
  • Dan: Yep
  • Blythe: This place looks like dirty
  • Dan: I know hey wanna get some burgers and fries
  • Blythe: We never say no the burgers and fries
  • Dan: Wonderful let's go
  • (At Burgerphile)
  • Blythe: This good Burger
  • Dan: Yep
  • Twlight: We like it here at this world
  • Dan: Yeah
  • Blythe: You know Dan We wonder where the others are at our world?
  • Dan: Oh don't worry they never notice you girls gone
  • Blythe: Yeah you're right I wonder
  • [At Littlest Pet Shop]
  • Roger: Park get set go
  • [At Dan Vs. world]
  • Dan: Hey Twlight, Blythe how about a clone machine
  • Blythe: Good idea geinus

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