Dandylion is an earth-loving Pegasus Pony and twin sister of Tiger Lilly. She made the first batch of their vegetable juice, and specializes in growing tubers. Her favorite tubers are Radishes.

Gender Female
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Occupation Farmer
Eyes Purple
Mane Orange
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Coat Golden Yellow
Cutie Mark Flower with a Radish for a center


Dandylion is a golden-yellow pegasus pony. She has a long orange mane that covers her purple eyes, and a tail to match. Like her sister, she has freckles and buck teeth. Her cutie mark is a flower with a radish for the center.



April Showers - Mother

Spring Greens - Father

Tiger Lilly - Twin Sister

Mayflower - Sister

Gumball Goof - Half Brother



  • "By golly! We better find that no good burglar quick, or we'll have no veggies at all!" - After being told somebody stole from their garden
  • "Shucks! I should've known! No wonder it was mostly carrots that went missing!" - After seeing the theif was a rabbit


  • She is a sleepflier
  • Her name is based off dandelion
  • She can be always mistaken as a colt
  • She always hates it when ponies misspell her name as "Dandelion" or other people.