Daring Do Origins

Daring Do: Origins is a fanfic series currently in development by Theultimatelifeform.

Description Edit

When seventeen-year-old mare A.K Yearling gets recruited by a archaeologist named Caballeron for a quest to find the Fortress of Talacon, taking up the name 'Daring Do'.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

A.K Yearling (Daring Do)


Villains Edit


Ahuizotl's minions

Theme Edit

(Epic Adventure Music) - The Adventure Of A Lifetime - Peter Crowley04:46

(Epic Adventure Music) - The Adventure Of A Lifetime - Peter Crowley

Trivia Edit

  • This is Theultimatelifeform's first attempt at a Daring Do fanfiction and adventure-themed fanfiction overall.

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