Dark Fright
Dark Fright
Gender Male
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Eyes Brown
Mane Black
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Coat Purple
Cutie Mark Skull
Dark Fright is a pegasus who likes to scare his enemies. Like Fluttershy, he is normally very timid and quiet, and usually seen tending to his plants. Whenever he scares his enemies or is angered in some way, his eyes turn red and he speaks in a demonic voice. When he's affected by Poison Joke, he turns into a baby.Unlike other pegasi, he has bat wings instead of the regular pegasai wings.


Dark Fright was born in Canterlot and was raised in Ponyville where he met a young Fluttershy.He lives next door to Rarity.


  • Fluttershy - Girlfriend
  • Fang - Pet
  • Boo - Little sister


  • "Mess with my baby sister, I mess with you!"
  • "Dark Fright's the name, scaring's my game"
  • "Um, I'm not sure if I can"

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