I know coming from me, it might not mean much... but killing souls... that's BEYOND FORGIVENESS!

—Darkblaze to Dreamcast

Kind Pegasus
Gender Male
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Eyes Red
Mane Black and Red
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Coat Black
Cutie Mark Tribal Star
Darkblaze is the powerful pegasus responsible for The Great Darkness.


Darkblaze was born out of Lightblade's hidden anger and hate. Unbenownst to Light his overprotectiveness for his friends led him to feel hatred toward certain people who had wronged his friends. Light magical energy separated these darker energies from his natural magic, and the dark powers eventually took on a physical form.


In a final battle between opposite equals, Lightblade eventually killed Darkblaze with his ultimate attack at the time, Heaven's Light, which completely atomized and destroyed Darkblaze, bending reality and physics in a certain space to do so. Their battle nearly leveled Canterlot, and extensive repairs were necessary.


Darkblaze returns four years after the Great Darkness as Lightblade's first familiar. In this form, he is subject to Light's will, and will assist him in combat or anything else if he is summoned.


Dark's personality is the polar opposite of Light's. Dark is cold and decisive, and will never pass up the opportunity to hurt people. He is cruel and violent and uncaring about the lives of others. Dark is also mostly calm and collective towards Light, contradicting his nature toward others, having simple conversations with him. He is a strategist, and can find out an enemy's weakness and strike at it to hurt his opponents most. He believes everyone else is inferior to him, and has made it a goal to cast the world in eternal darkness and torment.

After returning as Light's familiar, however, he adopts a personality very similar to Light's, although in combat he is generally a bit more merciless in his fighting style. He also seems to show some remorse for what he had done those years ago, stating he knows he will never be forgiven and that it saddens him somewhat. He gains a sense of honor, and in turn gaining a deep resentment towards Dreamcast, stating that killing souls is the further beyond forgiveness than what even he had done.


Dark has the same exact abilities as Light, only more darkly elemented. He also has none of the weaknesses Light has. Due to this, he is immensly powerful and near impossible to defeat. However, he does not gain any new abilities Light may obtain, which is about the only way to defeat him.

After he becomes Light's familiar, he possesses every single power Light does, even ones Light learns on his own, however he does not have genetic absorption and familiar creation abilities as Light does, and he does not gain any abilities Light does through this method.

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