Dashfire is a Manehattan Pegasus resident. He is seen with his friends from Flight School, Joe Chopper, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy.


He is best friends with Radiantstar and Maple Syrup. He offered flying lessons to Maple Syrup's little brother, Pinesap, when he's old enough. She accepted and agreed that when he is 5 years old, he'll take Dashfire's lessons. He likes to hang with Rainbow Dash and Joe Chopper, and he's growing a crush on Rainbow. He loves having races with Rainbow and getting medical supplies for Fluttershy. He's alot like Rainbow Dash and dreams to be a Wonderbolt as well as her.

Gender            Male                                             

Eyes               Orange

                                                                         Mane              Grey-Red with Yellow Streaks 

                                                                         Coat                Red-Orange                                                                                                                     Cutie  Mark               Fiery Comet                                                                                                                                   


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