Dead Air is a vicious and unmerciful Griffin.

Dead Air
Gender Female
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Occupation Griffin tribe Beta leader
Eyes Hazel
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Coat Dark and pale gray feathers


Dead Air is a dark gray griffin with pale gray head, feet,and underbelly feathers. Her tail is cut halfway, and she has signs of old battle scars. She has hazel eyes.


She used to be the Omega in her clan, but soon started a mutiny when the lower ranks were threatened with being kicked out. She quickly extinguished the life of the original Beta and took his place, her cousin Canyon Song taking Alpha.


She can easily fly in any form of air, rough or dead. Her clan gives names depending on their skills, and she was given the name Dead Air, which was also the name of her great grandfather.


Canyon Song - Cousin

Blizzard Streak - Brother

Fire Flight - Husband

Transparency - Daughter

Hollow - Son


  • "THAT IS NOT FAIR!" - Hearing the threat on the Omegas
  • "Tonight, we of the lowest ranks shall rise. I plan to become the new Beta. And my cousin shall become Alpha, leading us into a new age!" - Just before the mutiny


  • She sometimes wears a black cloak