Desmond Darkhooves is a stallion who was one of the "ancient evil creatures" who escaped from Tartarus during the episode 'It's About Time.'

Desmond Darkhooves
"It's time for your nightmare nap!"
Sex Male
Age Stallion
Species Earth Pony
Pelt Brown
Mane Black
Eye Color Dark brown
Physique A little tall for a Stallion and somewhat on the thin side.
Birthtown Not known
Residence Everfree Forest
Occupation Stays in the Everfree Forest but visits Ponyvill to get supplies


Name: Desmond Darkhooves

Sex: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Earth Pony

Pelt: Brown

Mane: Black

Eye Color: Dark brown

Physique: A little tall for a Stallion and somewhat on the thin side.

Birthtown: Not known. He does not talk about it.

Residence: Everfree Forest.

Occupation: Stays in the Everfree Forest but visits Ponyvill to get supplies.

Motivation: To be left alone by other ponies in ponyvill and Canterlot. To be friends with Princess Luna.

Roleplay : To be a powerful earth pony.

Likes: Being with the Timberwolves and other creatures of the forest. His spiky-quilled tail and it's nightmare poison. his cutie mark. Luna(Nightmare Moon)


He has a certain contempt for Twilight's group of friends; he refers to them constantly with derisive nicknames such as "the nerd herd", "the pony dweeb patrol", or "the geek pony squad". Plus, he is fairly condescending and scathing to everypony, with the exception of foals and colts. He has a sense of superiority and a sense of arrogance, making it extremely difficult to anypony to earn his respect. He does not bow to anypony, even Celestia. but will show respect to princess Luna.


His spiky-quilled tail and it's nightmare poison were the reasons he was placed in Tartarus. Fanning it like a peacock tail, the quilled fur could shoot out these quills at an enemy. The quills secrete a poison that causes nightmares, hallucination, and insomnia. Luckly, he can control his tail's poison to a degree.

He is also good at hoof-to-hoof combat.


He keeps to himself. he has no time to make friends with other ponies, with the exception of foals and colts. He stays in the Everfree Forest and has made a home for himself among the other creatures who live there. Deep down, he likes Princess Luna, but is shy to ask her out or be his friend.


'Spare me the friendship nonsence, Twilight!'

'Get out of my way, AppleJacky!'

'You're in no position to be telling me what to do, Rainbow Dash!'

'That's getting old, you foals!'

'canterlot is an out-dated joke. But then so are all the ponies who live their, so I guess that fits.'

'Is that the best you ponies can do?'

'Why don't you pony geeks look for an opponent you can actually beat. Like an infant, or a rabbit ...'

'That's right Fluttershy! Fall to the ground like the whimpering foal that you are!'

'Don't waste my time.'

'I don't need help from the likes of you ponies.'

'Friendship is for the weak, little ponies.'

'Haven't you realized by now that teamwork's not my thing, pony geeks?'

'When are you ponies going to stop giving that friendship speech?'

'Don't blame me because you came from a family of losers, Applejack.'

'Stop saving equestria and get a hobby, you geeks!'

'Oh, I'd forgotten how prissy your princess Celestia can be, ponies. It's really quite pathetic.'


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