Dew Point is a Flutterpony. He is a knight of Celestia as well.

Dew Point
Kind Flutterpony
Gender Male
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Eyes Yellow
Mane Dark Purple
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Coat Violet
Cutie Mark Thermometer


Dew Point is a bit of a lanky Flutterpony, with large butterfly wings and bright yellow eyes. He has a pale violet coat and a dark purple mane. His cutie mark is a thermometer.


Dew Point is the foster brother of Sour Ball, raised by Mint Cheep and Kandy Kane. When he was growing up, lots of the other ponies picked on him. It was only until his first day of school did he realize it was because of his wings. They had bright colors, in varying shades of pink and purple. Many of the colts thought he was pathetic, so resorted to looking like a girl, but ithey only stopped when Dew showed his first outburst of magic. Similar to other Flutterpony's magic, this one was wind-based and blew a few of the bullying ponies into trees.

He soon enrolled into Celestia's knight training, as was requested by his parents. He majored in his magic skills, even though there were a few outbursts, and was decent in physical. A year later, he was recognized as a junior knight.


Kandy Kane - Foster mother

Mint Cheep - Foster father

Sour Ball - Foster sister