Diamond is a female Unicorn pony. She's the smartest in her class and wishes to become a biologist.

Gender Female
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Eyes Red
Mane Dark Red
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Coat White
Cutie Mark Red Heart


Born in Canterlot, Diamond quickly adapted to the scientific side of the city. She often spent her time in museums and labratories, quickly gaining knowledge on various subjects. When her IQ was tested in grade school, it was about 160, which was the highest anyone had gotten. Moving to Ponyville with her family, she felt a bit dimmed, and grew a bit resentful of the ponies. Half of them didn't know what she was talking about most of the time, and the other half didn't seem to be interested.

Soon though, she met Twilight Sparkle, and they enjoyed each other's knowledge. Becoming fast friends, Diamond was introduced to the other five of the main group. She often borrowed animal books from Fluttershy, since she was too afraid to read them, even though she had gotten them herself.

One day, while returning a pony anatomy book, she met Coma Surge. They talked for a bit, and Diamond felt pleased there was more than pony with a high IQ. Spade came up soon and told them they had to leave, but Diamond didn't forget Coma Surge, and has feelings for him to this day.


  • King - Father
  • Queen - Mother
  • Spade - Brother
  • Joker - Aunt
  • Jack - Uncle
  • Heart - Cousin
  • Club - Cousin



  • Despite Applejack being a pure country pony, she is one of Diamond's best friends and often give her a first hand look on the farm