Diamond Crystal

Diamond Crystal

Diamond Crystal is the first character of Diamondcrystal101


She is a supercilious, nice, energetic, mature, serious, and shy.  When she is a little filly back then she is developed of high function autism.

Her family members

Future Voice: the fraternal twin of Cocoa Latte.

Cocoa Latte: the fraternal twin of Future Voice.

Strawberry Tea: the little sister of Diamond Crystal and the new member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.


Sonic scream: her voice is really high when something is wrong.

Her element of harmony is Beauty.

=Poison Joke

Diamond Crystal on a walk through the blue lilies to find Zecora about her little sister cutie marks book.  The next day, she woke up in the morning looking the mirror to do her when she start doing her hair, her hair turned emerald green.  She screamed.  She went to Twilight Sparkles house for an emergency to get a cure of a poison joke then Spike laugh to make a nickname called Diamond Emerald.