Diamond Die

Diamond Die

Diamond Die
Kind Alicorn
Gender Male
Eyes A very bright green.
Mane Green and Purple.
Coat Purple
Cutie Mark None yet.
Occupation Nothing


Diamond Die has a split peronality.Sometimes he's super mean.And sometimes he's super nice.He can't control his split personalities so sometimes he will be mean.And when he turns back nice he will not remember a thing.He is very stupid when he's nice.But very bossy and smart when he's mean.He can not fly or use magic because his horn is broken.He can fly when he's mean though. He likes hanging on trees.


Diamond Die is a purple pony who has green trimmed hooves.He has very pale green eyes.His wings are dragon wings.His mane and tail are green and purple.He has red horns on his head.He has freckles.


Diamond Die was created by Twilight Sparkle.She was getting very lonely and she wanted a friend.She created one and later on it had a baby.He was half his father and half his mother which made him have a split personality.

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