Dinky Doo is the daughter of Derpy Hooves and Doctor Hooves. She is also Asamyth Star.

Character HistoryEdit

Dinky Doo is a foal who first debuted in "The Bundle of Joy Arrives Part 2". Even though she is only 2 months old, she is a trouble maker. In "Berry Sits", she keeps trying to grab and play with Berry Punch's bottle of jack (which she uses to brush her teeth with) and climbs out of her crib when Berry tries to put her down for a nap. She is very attached to her parents and depends on them. She likes playing with and being cradled by her mother.


"Oew." "Dauw!" "Glah!" "Dgmaw!" "Dah!" "Sschh..." (When sleeping) [Crying] [Laughing] [Snoring]

"Dew?" "Ah-dah!" "Gureh" "Ulul" "Guey" "Ay!" "Dow..." "Deow..." "Euuhh!" [Sniffing] [Crying] [Gurgling] [Laughing]

"Aaah!" "Hehehe!" "Uguh!" "Ahahey!" "Mama" "Dada!" "Buhguh!" "Yaaah!" "Peeka!" "Baydah!" "Nahnah!" "Guel" "Dah" "Auh-Duhh..." "Eh-Deoy..." "Ga ga!" "Gah." "Ah..." "Ingda!" "Ehheh." "Ehhehhuh.." "Ehduh..." "Puh..." [Crying] [Gurgling] [Laughing]

"Myah! "Da!" "Nah!" "Dah-Deh?" "Ba-Bah!" "Bah-Gogh!" "Babu-Babu..." "Ah-Buh-Buh?" "Ah!" "Mah-Mah!" "Sschh..." (When sleeping) [Crying] [Laughing] [Snoring]

"Achewechy" "Aalm" "Abu" "Ah-Buh.." "Daguh" "Daa..." "Daa!" "GuGuGah-Gah!" "Da-De?" [Crying] [Laughing]

"Dew!" "Aoi!" "Euey!" "Ahh!" "Oh!" "Dah!!" "Ay!" [Laughing] [Breathing]

"Aaah!" "Hehehe!" "Da-Ha-Ha!" "Ah!" [Laughing] [Breathing]

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