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This is for the spiritual entities, for other uses, see Divine (Disambiguation).
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Divine Spirit


The Slender Man by Pirate Cashoo

The Slenderpony/Slender Man is an Equestrian/Human spirit of folklore who possess the qualifications to be classified as an Divine.


A Divine Spirit (also called gods, Deity or Divine) are a class of Spiritual beings who are known to have immense amounts of power over Nature, and all of existence.

However, the term "Divine Spirit" can also mean for a Spirit who just possessed Divine qualities.



In each of the realities, Divine Spirits are born from multiple singularities throughout the galaxies, each one born from a facet of existence, with one being more God then another. deities are born on planets from the singularity, and on Equus, Harmony was a God who was born from a singularity, and was allowed to come into existence by the Living Tribunal.


It is unknown how a Divine is formed, but some human folklore state they originated from the God of Twelve, the first primordial beings of existence who represents the aspects of the universe. It is said the gods descended form the Twelve and are found all over the world.


  • Deity: Deities, also known as gods are a class a Divine Spirit who are worshiped, and possess great amount of power over the world. However, Deities can still be overpowered by a greater Spiritual being, and possess limitations Gods do not have.
  • Angels: Angels are a class of Divine beings from the essence of the Light itself. These beings inhabit the High Heavens, and has been a subject of lore, fairy tales and mythology. It is even said that the dragons were at war with them during the Age of Gods.
    • Archangels: The pinnacle of Angelic classification. the Archangels are one of the most powerful Divine Spirits, just above or even rivalling Gods. They are the Heavenly leaders of the Angels, commands all seven levels of Heaven, with some commanding the levels of the Hell.
  • God: God is the highest, and the most powerful type of an Divine Spirit. Possessing absolute power over one or more aspects, these beings are said to be born before or during the creation of existence.


  • Alicorn: Though not a official category and only refers to the Alicorn Princess of Equestria, and folklore of humans. Alicorn is categorized as demigods of some type, due to the alicorn race originating from a God. While the princesses themselves do not consider themselves as demigods, most humans suspect they are, due to their heritage connecting to Apollo and Artemis.
  • Dragon God: Dragon Gods are dragons who transcended into a Divine Spirit. These dragons are said to be highly destructive, and their divine power rivaling the gods. But one dragon god was able to gain enough Divine power to rival Gods themselves.
  • Demigod: Demigods are Divine beings who are born from a Divine parent, and a mortal parent. Though not exactly considered a spirit. Demigods can be class as one if they possess a Ethereal Physiology.


  • Apollo is sometimes depicted to be a archangelic being in Altea.

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