Doctor Whooves: Savior of the Universe
Created By Lollama13
Type Fanfiction
Episodes Series 1 - 13

Series 2 - 14

Series 3 - TBA

Doctor Whooves: Savior of the Universe is a crossover fanfiction with the popular British series, Doctor Who. it stars The Doctor, who must travel around the universe in his ship, the TARDIS, to stop various threats such as the Daleks, Cybermen, The Master and more.

A prequel that shows the first eight versions of this Doctor, titled "Savior of Earth", is planned, but not confirmed.

Most usually human or humanoid characters are ponified, such as the Cybermen. The series is also in an alternate universe where Twilight did not become an alicorn.


Series 1

Twilight, as a filly, woke up in the middle of a night due to a loud sound from the backyard, she went outside and was met with a light brown stallion wearing a scarf and peeking out of a blue police box. Years later, the stallion, known as The Doctor, returned into Twilight's life and they went on various adventures through time and space.

Series 2

On a dark night in Manehattan, Ditzy Hooves tried to deliver a letter to he owner of a clothing shop, but on the way out, she was attacked by living cash registers and saved by The Doctor, after helping the Metrans, Ditzy decided to travel with The Doctor and enjoyed joyriding through space-time.

Series 3


Episodes and Details

Series 1

Number Title Description Companion(s) Enemy
01 "Rude Awakening" The Doctor meets Twilight, years later, they must stop a colony of alien bees from destroying Ponyville. Twilight Sparkle Oagantis Magna Apis
02 "Vengeance" The Doctor and Twilight must stop his worst enemies from destroying a massive natural reserve. Twilight Sparkle Daleks
03 "Murder at Sea" Twilight and The Doctor go to a New Year party on a boat and have to find out which of the guests is a murderous, shape-shifting alien. Twilight Sparkle, Chrome Green Knycobus
04 "Crimson Waters" The duo travels to a distant planet where they find a research facility deep underwater. Twilight Sparkle (Mainly) N/A
05 "Azure Skies" Twilight, The Doctor and the research base's crew must escape the facility before they are either eaten by sharks of destoryed in a nuclear blast. Twilight Sparkle (Mainly) Slegte Honds
06 "Led Clouds" The Doctor and Twilight find themselves stuck in a ship on a planet where it constantly rains molten led, and they are attacked by bizarre zombie-like creatures. Twilight Sparkle, Lightning Cloud Quantu-Morphs
07 "The Cyber Incursion" The Doctor and Chrome travel to the frozen planet, Hiskus, where they must help defeat the fearsome Cybermen. Chrome Green Cybermen
08 "End of the Cybermen" The Doctor must save Chrome from the Cybermen, will he make it in time? Chrome Green Cybermen
09 "Heist on the 24th District" Twilight returns to The Doctor and they travel to a city populated by thieves and criminals, will they find who wants to steal a nuclear bomb and stop them? Twilight Sparle, Zyla Straz The Hive
10 "Children of Darkness" The Doctor and Twilight reunite with an old friend to defeat an evil cult in the earlier years of Fillydelphia. Twilight Sparkle, Chrome Green The Children of Darkness
11 "Destiny of The Doctor" Twilight is put into a coma while The Doctor and Chrome defend themselves from The Children of Darkness and she finds out about the upcoming battle that will, supposedly, take The Doctor's life. Chrome Green, Twilight Sparkle The Children of Darkness
12 "The Battle of Arkantus" The Doctor, Twilight and Chrome arrive at the prison station of Arkantus, where they meet a fearsome army once more. Twilight Sparkle, Chrome Green Cybermen, The Master
13 "Fading to Black" The Cybermen begin their plan to use a nearby star to power a cannon, meanwhile, The Doctor must confront The Master and keep his friends safe. Twilight Sparkle, Chrome Green Cybermen, The Master

Series 2

Number Title Description Companion(s) Enemy
01 "Terror of the Metrans" The Doctor, Chrome Green and Ditzy Hooves must help a hive mind of electrical aliens, known as the Metrans, before they destroy Manehattan Ditzy Hooves, Chrome Green The Metrans
02 "The Gates of Hell" The Doctor meets with an old friend, who is also a painter, who has problems with an alien spaceship crashed under his house. Ditzy Hooves, Chrome Green, Pond Zygons
03 "Realm of Dreams" The Doctor, Pond and Ditzy arrive at an apartment building in Fillydelphia, where they help a little girl with sleeping problems. Ditzy Hooves, Pond, Flint The Nightmare Man
04 "Shadow of Sepra" In a war-torn planet, The Doctor and his crew have to save both sides from a space station falling into a city. Ditzy Hooves, Pond TBA
05 "Mansion of Nowhere" The Doctor, Ditzy and Pond find themselves between time and space, where they have to survive a night at a mansion. Ditzy Hooves, Pond Night Mares
06 "Asparth" The group tries to pass off as teachers at a school in space to find a colony of alien monsters. Ditzy Hooves, Pond, Chrome Green TBA
07 "Unseen Nightmare" Something bumps into the TARDIS and gets inside, will DItzy, Chrome and The Doctor survive to defeat the enemies? Ditzy Hooves, Chrome Green TBA
08 TBA TBA Ditzy Hooves, Chrome Green TBA
09 Mystery of the Hestroia The Doctor and his companions have to solve the mystery of a missing spaceship. Ditzy Hooves, Chrome Green TBA
10 TBA TBA Ditzy Hooves, Chrome Green TBA
11 TBA TBA Ditzy Hooves, Chrome Green TBA
12 TBA TBA Ditzy Hooves, Chrome Green TBA
13 "Age of the Daleks" TBA Ditzy Hooves, Chrome Green Daleks
14 "Extinction of the Daleks" TBA Ditzy Hooves, Chrome Green Daleks

Series 3

Number Title Description Companion(s) Enemy
01 "Wedding of The Doctor, Part 1" TBA Various TBA
02 "Wedding of The Doctor, Part 2" TBA Various TBA


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