Downbeat is a quiet Pegasus pony. She often walks around forests or other places filled with nature, thinking up tunes for her songs.

Tone Deaf "Downbeat" Bach
"I know. My wing was torn off."
Kind Pegasus
Gender Female
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Eyes Dark aqua
Mane Dark plum with aqua streaks
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Coat White
Cutie Mark Cracked quarter note


Downbeat is a pure white Pegasus pony with a dark plum mane. She also has green streaks in her mane, and dark aqua eyes. Her cutie mark is a cracked quarter note. She does not have a left wing, only a few tufts were it used to be. Across her neck is a faint scar from the encounter with the manticore that crippled her.

(The picture in the box is innacurate since it shows a profile view of her left wing full intact. Curse you pony maker)


Downbeat Vector (She looks like Fluttershy wooooo /shot)


Downbeat usually comes off as distant or shy to new ponies. She is reserved, and refrains from  speaking unless spoken to.

She hates silence, whether awkward or meaningful. If it goes on for too long, she usually starts to sing or hum to fill the gap, even when in public.


When infected by the Darkness, Downbeat is quicker to anger than before. Silver Lining takes advantage of this. The Darkness inside of her seems to gain power from negative feeling towards others, such as annoyance or envy. Once it broke out, it did not need the emotions to power itself, but would draw energy from such if need be.

To avoid events such as when she was angry with Sugar Song, Downbeat reserves herself and is reluctant to show positive emotions. While such emotions are still able to manifest with the Darkness, they are weak and don't show up.


Downbeat's real name is Tone Deaf, but she sees it as an insult. She changed her name to Downbeat when she began focusing on rhythm instead of notes, discovering she had difficulty with the downbeat. She decided to give herself a name to encourage her, and chose Downbeat. She is decent at singing, but her voice tends to crack a bit and she doesn't sing very high.

She works part time as a maid for Celestia, but she finds herself getting distracted an watching knights fly around the castle or spar. She says they remind her of birds, and nature usually inspires her songs.

During the events of The Great Darkness, Downbeat is rendered crippled by a creature changed by the Darkness, one wing torn off and her throat almost torn open, weakening her voice. She refused a prosthetic wing to replace her lost one, and soon began to watch the flying guards more and more often. She kept a close eye on Solaris and Lightblade, taking their relationship into notice.

Through the fanfiction False Notes, Downbeat learns that she was infected by the Darkness after the attack that removed her wing. While laying low with Celestia and Lightblade, the darkness breaks out. Her mane is cut short, her eyes turn red, and she becomes much more hostile.

While traveling, Downbeat begins to have feelings for Lightblade. She is reluctant to do anything, afraid that things may change for the worse.


Downbeat's Songs


Featherduster - Co-worker

Moth Wing - Co-Worker

Arpeggio - Mother

Quicksilver - Father (Deceased)

Sharp - Sister

Soft Aria - Niece

Flat - Brother

Lightblade - Husband

Aero Blitz - Son

Lullaby - Daughter

Light Crescendo - Daughter


  • She is the ponysona of Lu.
  • She rarely speaks when she is inside the castle, mainly nodding or murmuring.
  • It is unknown where she lives, though it has been mentioned she doesn't have a home and wanders from tree to tree.
  • She is very cautious when dealing with something new. She tends to stick to the same methods each time.

Lu's totally on time birthday present.