This is a page containing a list of Downbeat's songs and their lyrics.

Many of these songs are sung in a whisper or with a wavering voice because of the injuries to her throat.

Cursed Cords (Rock)Edit

Who Cares? (Techno)Edit

I sit here, mumbling. Always wondering. Am I shy or just sad.

World is crumbling. Feel like I'm tumbling. I just try and go to bed.

Surrounded by those with their powers. I'm grounded, a wilting flower. When will my own raincloud come and water me..?

Like I said, nobody cares. I don't care if they don't, I just prepare...

For my life to reach its unending spiral. Desire and fate will blind me, but who cares.

Bleeding Ears, Bleeding Mouth (Rock)Edit

Free Notes (Techno)Edit

Heartbeat, are you there? Just checking to make sure you're there. Heartbeat, why have you returned?

Silver feathers, that's your answer? I need an explanation, why do you beat faster, when I see their faces?

Maybe I'm not pure white after all, red color to my cheeks, will that help me stand out?

I've gotten used to being ignored, I've gotten used to being a bore. I've gotten used to being in the crowd.

Fate decides to knock down my door, decided to pick me up off the floor. Can this be the time I was waiting for?

Security is Sacrificed For Comfort (Alternative)Edit

I've gotten used to the pain. I've gotten used to the needles in my neck. I've gotten used to the same old songs. I've gotten used to the never-ending mess.

Why must ponies be expected to hope? Maybe I just don't want to. Why must ponies be expected to cope? Maybe I've forgotten how to.

I used to be surrounded by these locks, these chains, my insecurities. But now that they've been swept aside, I can finally be free.

La Di Da Di Da (Vocal)Edit

I heard a little bumblebee

She hummed this little tune with me

When I sing it I feel happy

La di la di di

You'll never believe what I just saw

The perfect flower, there was no flaw

My heart burst and out came "La"

La di da di da

Melodies strike when I give in

I overflow with passion

Why can't my whole life just be this way?

La di da di da

La di da di da

I'm singing my song

La di da di da

Why not sing along?

La di da di da

A tune that lifts you up

La di da di da

That's al there is, yup.

That's My Name (Don't Wear it Out) (Alternative)Edit

They say

You have to open up to be accepted

They say

You have to fit in to be known

They say

Differences are what tear us apart

They say they're right

I'm the downbeat of the chorus that binds us all

A mortal in the land of gods

I'm tenor while everyone's baritone

Downbeat, don't wear it out

They say

I don't have to be sad

They say

I have to believe

They say

I need to lift up my spirits

They say they're right

Don't wear me out, don't wear me down

I'm not some old eraser

Don't react to me, don't ignore me either

I'm normal and deserve a life

Don't wear me out

I Was OpenEdit

I opened up to you

You pushed me aside

I tested my bravery for you

You made me cry

Truth hurts, doesn't it?

I know that firsthand

I thought I could trust you

You ruined me

I might as well retire my throat now

Kick the bucket of songs

You cut me off from my true life

Can't tell right from wrong

I trusted you to guide me

I thought I could call you a friend

But nevermind I guess

I'll just lose my way instead

Once Again (Vocal)Edit

So you say you can't get on your hooves

So you say you got nothing more to lose

So you say that you've hit the bottom of the well

So you say that living your life isn't so swell

Well I'll let you know

That you should smile

Because some day

You can up once again and stay a while

Once again

You're walking and

Once again

You have energy and

Once again

You feel the sunlight on your face

And you give it another chance

So you say you've tried a million times

So you say you just don't see the light

So you say that you want to stay here and hope everything will just disappear for you

So you say that you've lost all forms of hope

Well I'll let you know

That you should laugh

Because one day

You'll see the color of the world

Once again

You're living and

Once again

You're smiling and 

Once again

You see the rainbows, not the rain

You see the healing, not the pain

You see the waxing not the wane

Once again!

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