"...I miss daddy..."
Kind Pegasus
Gender Mare
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Occupation Gardener
Eyes Blue chill
Mane Bahama blue
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Coat Hoki blue
Cutie Mark light blue teardrop
Downpour is a young Pegasus Pony who comes from Cloudsdale. She is the daughter of Windy Daze and Meteorite. She is the younger sister of Sunny Shine, the younger twin of Riptide, and the older sister of Snowflake and Mistveil. She constantly seems to be sad, even if she is trying to be cheerful.


Downpour is a hoki blue Pegasus pony with notably droopy eyes. Her coat is extremely glossy when wet. Her mane and tail is bahama blue. She also has blue chill eyes and a columbia blue teardrop as a cutie mark on her right flank.


Downpour was born alongside Riptide in Cloudsdale. When she was a filly, her mother obviously preffered Riptide out of the two, causing Downpour to sit in her bedroom, alone, because her father was usually away from home. Downpour became depressed because her mother appeared not to care for her. Sunny's sister tried to comfort her younger sister. As Riptide made more and more friends, Downpour would sit next to her bedroom window and look out of it, envying her brother's likable demeanor.


Downpour always appears to be extremely depressed most of the time, though she can be happy at times. Her garden in her backyard usually cheers her up because she feels "wanted" among her assorted plants.


  • "I wish they didn't mistreat me..." -Talking about her mother and brother