Dragonfly is an Alicorn with wings like a dragonfly's. He has a twin sister named Cheetah. Unlike his sister, he likes to fly very fast, when she likes to run very fast. He is known to hang around swamps.


Dragonfly was born in Canterlot at the as Cheetah, his twin sister. He is the only one in his family to have dragonfly-like wings. Because of that, he was often made fun of. When he first met Lunaria Storm, he was awe-struck. He thought that he and Cheetah were the only Alicorns. Soon, she became his best friend.


Dragonfly is a tall Alicorn with muddy green spots on various spots on his body. His mane is moss green with white streaks and that is the same with his tail. He has very pointy ears. His most notable feature is his dragonfly wings. His cutie mark is a dragonfly.


Dragonfly is devoted to anything. Mostly, flying. He likes to go on adventures with Cheetah and Lunaria Storm. If he and/or his friends are in danger, he will worry about them more than himself. Especially if it is Lunaria Storm. He has a crush on her.




  • He has been called Splotch by some ponies because of his muddy green spots.
  • Surprisingly, those spots are not from when he visits the swamps, they were there from birth.
  • His crush on Lunaria Storm is unknown to all except Cheetah
  • He and Cheetah may be twins, but they look nothing alike.

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