Dream Step is a unicorn with the natural ability to dream walk, she has a twin sister named Eclipse Touch whom is naturally able nullify any magic at will. The twins have yet obtain cutie marks of their own, mostly on account they are afraid of their mother, Grand Spell, and have runaway with their brother Storm Walker, a pegasus born form 2 purebred unicorns with elitist ideals about unicorns concerning other kinds of ponies.

Abilities and notable personality aspects

Dream Step is natural in the art of dream walking, having literally been born with it. She is however unsure of herself and it has been the concern for her twin and older brother that lead her to planning with the 2 on how to elude their mother


Dream Step is a pure white unicorn with black mane and tail, her mane and tail also have a streak of deep emerald green running through them. Her eyes are the same color and shade as the indigo streaks in her twin's mane and tail.