The kind of power we have... you can't tell me it's a bad thing.


Kind Alicorn - Evolved
Gender Male
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation Leader of The Dreaming
Eyes Silver
Mane Silver
Nicknames {{{nicknames}}}
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Coat White
Cutie Mark Tribal Mark
Dreamcast is the powerful alicorn leader of The Dreaming.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dreamcast is an Artificial Evolved, and possessed enhanced physical and magical abilities.

Dreamcast's signature ability is Dream World. It is basically a pocket dimension he can use to both completely disappear from the world and trap his enemies, and with enough power, he can make his thoughts become reality.


Dreamcast is ruthless and will stop at nothing in order to achieve his goals of power. He gives no regard toward life and has no regrets in killing. He will even destroy souls completely and will later say that he enjoyed it. He believes that there is no cost to great for power.

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