The element of Heart is the most powerful Element of Harmony. It holds the love of friendship as well as romantic love. Only ponies with the spirit of the Heart within them can wield it.

Legend of the HeartEdit

The element of Heart is a shimmery, rainbow heart, like a diamond, but it hasn't been found yet. Only the person who has the spirit of the element of heart can use it and can solve the riddle that helps you find it. The riddle is this: "Step by step, Heart by heart, Go to the place that that started the dark. Where the land is wild and has no master, Downward and downward, ever faster. When Heart's Desire you reach at last, Find yourself in a looking glass.  Go through the door without your fear, For the hearts you seek are very near." Most ponies, or at least those who have heard of it, think it's in the Everfree Forest.

The Story of the HeartEdit

A long time ago, before Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, ponies all over Equestia lived in harmony and used the love inside them. The magic in them turned into the Element of Heart. The Element held all the magic of friendship and love within it. Eventually, the ponies began to war. The Heart was hidden and remains so to this day. All that remains is the riddle. Legend has it that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna knew of the heart and wrote the riddle. Opinion differs over whether they ever saw the heart or heard of it through prophecy.

Powers and AppearenceEdit

The Element of the Heart is a crown like the Element of Magic. It has not always existed as a crown. Before its first bearer, it was shaped like the Crystal Heart, but made out of an odd colored blue stone with a heart carved into the middle of it. It is clear like a diamond, but shimmers in all the colors of the rainbow. It is shaped like a heart, but is rather smoother than the Crystal Heart, which it resembles. The Element of the Heart is different than the other elements. It can be used by itself, but when it is used with the other Elements of Harmony, its power increases as well as multipling the powers of the other Elements. Unlike the others, this Element did not come from the Tree of Harmony and was not returned to it. The powers of the Heart can be used by anyone who has the magic of friendship or love. When the magic of friendship was used without the elements, it actually comes from the Element of Heart.


There are almost no known bearers of the Heart. It was hidden before the beginning of Equestria and has had no bearers since. The only known bearer of the Heart is Starshine Singingwind. Starshine was the pony who hid the Heart in the first place. He was a pegasi who lived in Winddrift, where the pegasi lived before they build Cloudsdale. He was the only pony who noticed the Windigos and realized that they were feeding off negative energy. They also wanted to steal the Heart to corrupt its energy. He ran from Cloudsdale to what would become the land of Equestria, keeping the heart from the Windigos. He saw the the leaders of the tribes arguing in the cave in one of the facets of thw Heart and realized he needed to save them from the Windigos. He harnassed the magic of the Heart and Clover the Clever and the others picked it up because they had the magic of friendship within them, starting the Friendship Fire. In the process, the Heart trasformed into a crown, and Starshine became its bearer. He later hid the heart in an unknown location.

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