The Elements of Discord are the ten elements that are the opposite of the Elements of Harmony. Like the elements of harmony, they have representatives.


Darkness - DusklightEdit

Dusklight is the Element of Darkness and self proclaimed Twilight's rival. He had to ability to form shadows and illusions "with a flick of his tail", as he boasts. This has only been seen once, when he made an illusion of a cerberus in the Everfree Forest, trying to herd Moon Drop to Dawn Lusterp. Caution!! These are not real. These are fanmade ponies!

Unfaithfulness - The Master Edit

The Master is a archenemy of The Doctor. He came to Equestria by his own Tardis and joined the Elements of Discord. He is a earth pony, just like The Doctor. He wanted to represent the Element of Unfaithfulness and he hates The Doctor and The Doctor's allies. He is the opposite of Captain Jack Harkness's Element of Harmony.

Falsehood - HazelEdit

Pride - DipsyEdit

Dipsy is a vain and arrogant earth pony. He is oblivious to everything but himself and is highly hypocritical. He has a negative relationship with everypony he interacts with.

Greed - Emerald EyesEdit

Emerald Eyes is a snobby Earth pony that represents greed. She often steals treasures and personal items.

Cruelty - Dawn LusterEdit

Ignorance - Sour BallEdit

Sour Ball is a stubborn and dim Flutterpony. She often takes things literally and has no clue what sarcasm is. She can easily create gusts of blinding sparkles to distract others, but they actually prove less effective than described.

Fear - Black AdderEdit

Black Adder is the pony who represents the element of Fear. She is a Pegasus pony with a very rude attitude. Cousin of Moon Drop, the pony that reperesents Courage, she will easily try to scare her.

Heartlessness - Shadow Depth Edit

Shadow Depth is a heartless are careless monster who is the dark version of the representative of Compassion. Shadow Depth will stop at nothing to destroy love and break it. He often breaks causes chaos and says horrible things and does evil things to his close ones.

Discord - Beauty Light Edit

Beauty represents the Element of Discord. She is the opposite of Emerald Shimmer, who represents Harmony. Because she's a shadow pony, Beauty has no problem manipulating other ponies and breaking up friendships. Shadow ponies are very strong, and get stronger the more friendships they destroy. Beauty is no exception, as she actually destroyed the Mane 6's friendship. Combine that with the fact she's an Alicorn and the major power of her Element, and she can actually defeat the Elements of Harmony without the others.

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