The Elements of Equestria are the main power source of Equestria and the most powerful magic in all the land, outrluing the Elements of Harmony.

The Elements

The wielders of the Elements can be found below.

  • Leadership - Misty Dash
  • Charity - Starlight Sparkle
  • Devotion - Lightning Dancer


The Elements have great raw ability of many things. The list of those things can be found below.

  • Leadership - the element of leadership is wielded by Misty Dash. The element of leadership is reponsible for activating the rest of the elements. The element of leadership can summon spirits or sold things of any speices of any kind, defeat powerful types of magic and/or enemies, and it can turn things to stone or teleport things away forever with the help of the other elements.
  • Charity- the element of charity is wielded by Starlight Sparkle. The element of charity is responsible for keeping the other elements and their wielders in peace, kindess, and keeping them generous with its ability of balance. The element of charity can work alone without the other elements and without the others it can spread love and light and maintain harmony and balance between many places and things.
  • Devotion - the element of devotion is wielded by Lightning Dancer. The element of devotion is responsible for making ponies keep their promises and live up to their destines and potencials. The element of evotion can work without the others, similar to the element of chairty, and without the others it can spread dreams and destines to ponies and make them aware of it so they can find out how they really are.