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The Elements of Success are neutral-acting elements. The representatives are usually granted with above average talent.

  1. Patience - Applebloom
  2. Determination - Scootaloo
  3. Enthusiasm - Sweetie Belle
  4. Expectance - Spike
  5. Hope - Hestia
  6. Endurance - Downbeat


Applebloom has shown great patience while trying to get her cutie mark. Even though she is eager and jumps at opportunities, she always finds that she had fun being with her friends in the end.


Scootaloo really wants to be a good flier like Rainbow Dash. No matter what, she keeps trying to impress her, showing great determination.

Sweetie BelleEdit



Hestia, one of the twelve Olympian Equestrians, represents Hope. She is always there at home, protecting the hearth. Protecting the last shred of familiar territory.


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