The Elements of the Great Spirits are the first ever Elements to ever being created since the founding of Equestria...there's only 3 in existence, passing down generation to generation of the special bloodline of the first wielders, "Jackson Brawn", "Gold Brain" & "Green Cyclone" (A.k.a. the Grandparents of the Ed Trio)

  • Unity - Ed Wreck
  • Duty - Double G
  • Destiny - Eddy Green

Current RepresentativesEdit

Unity - Ed WreckEdit

Unity taught that it was easier to succeed if not alone. This was the virtue most stressed, especially among heroes, as most hero teams seemed to lack it. Most of the teams lacked being able to work together and help others, mostly because they questioned the leader, or argued about plans. Ed Wreck represents the Element of Unity to never lose faith & friendship in his friends.

Duty - Double GEdit

Duty stressed doing one's everyday jobs dilligently and responsibly. An element bearer's duty, for example, would be to protect everypony, while his/her lead and guide the citizens of Equestria. Duty was usually the easiest virtue for hero Teams to live by. Double G represents the Element of Duty to help & guide the Earth Ponies, Unicorns & Pegasi to peace & friendship.

Destiny - Eddy GreenEdit

Destiny represented the ability to better oneself. It meant what a being was 'meant' to accomplish in their lifetime. Most beings had different destinies. For example, the Mane 6's destiny is to protect Equestria from evil doers by using the power of the Elements of Harmony, while Princess Celestia's & Princess Luna's destiny is to also protect Equestria from evil doers by helping the Mane 6. Eddy Green represents the Element of Destiny to lead the Elements of the Great Spirits to protect Equestria as well by using the power of the Elements of the Great Spirits.

Former RepresentativesEdit

(Generation Order - Top to Bottom)


  1. Jackson Brawn (First Ever Wielder)


  1. Gold Brain (First Ever Wielder)


  1. Green Cyclone (First Ever Wielder)

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