Emerald Eyes is a selfish Earth Pony. She represent the Greed Element of Discord.

Cameron Emma "Emerald" Eyes
Gender Female
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Occupation Bank Teller (former)
Eyes Green
Mane Plum Purple with Swampy Mint green streaks
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Coat Pale cotton candy pink
Cutie Mark Red diamond with green sparkles surrounding it


She's a Pale cotton candy pink earth pony with Grape purple hair and Swampy mint green streaks. Her cutie mark is a red diamond surrounded by green sparkles. She has Cool sea blue glasses and a Bright red bow. Her color scheme of her mane and coat colors resemble Aria Blaze's.

Emerald Eyes' Element Necklace


She was a bank teller for Fillydelphia, but soon quit, then robbed it the next day. She was arrested, but the spoils were never found, so she was let go as there was no evidence.

After working for Discord, she met an Alicorn named Rosary. She fell in love and the two soon married.

They had two children, Dragonfly and Tickle-Me-Pink.


Rosary - Husband

Dragonfly - Son

Tickle-Me-Pick - Daughter


  • "Greed!" - Introducing herself by her element.



Cutie Mark