Equestria Unequal is a fanfiction by a few members of the Friendship is Magic fanon wiki. Mianly Lu, Ishi, Trudge, and Kera.

Things to NoteEdit

It is currently a work in progress, and needs quite a few things fixed up.


Everything is fine in Equestria, as fine as fine can be. But one day, a simple event causes each species of pony to turn on each other. Can Celestia and Luna piece them back together before it's too late?

Chapter One: Sunny Day StartEdit

"Good morning, mother." Solaris chirped, entering the large library in the Canterlot Castle. He glanced around for a moment, then stopped, letting Leo, his Mini Chimera, bound off him. The little creature hobbled over to a cushion of the floor and quickly curled up in it. Celestia, a pure white Alicorn with a blue, green, and purple mane, smiled at him.

"Morning, Solaris. Your sister okay?" The younger golden one nodded.

"It appears her cold is gone. That was a really good idea, getting Zecora to help out." He looked over at the book she was reading, then gained a note of worry in his voice. "Why are you reading the Prophecies of Ponies? Nothing's going to happen anytime soon..." Celestia frowned slightly, then closed the book with a simple glow of her horn.

"It's nothing you should be concerned about. Why not go and see if Lightblade would like to spar with you?" She asked. She knew that Solaris would be unable to resist the temptation. He was a true fan of the White Knights, and still felt close to fainting, even though he was a knight as well.

Solaris nodded quickly and trotted out of the room. Leo gave a low hiss at his sudden leave, but made no move to follow him. Celestia opened the book before her again and began to read. "Though unity has prevailed through thick and thin, more species of equines have been appearing in the land. The pressure may soon become too great, and cause calamity..."

"Hey, Lightbade!" Solaris bounded over to the Pegasus that stood just a head over him. His appreciation for the older knight shone in his eyes, gazing up with pure admiration.

"Oh, hey there, Solaris." Light responded warmly to the younger alicorn. He could see the excitement in Solaris's eyes, like he usually always could. Solaris always looked up to him for inspiration, and Light could see abundant potential in him as a knight, although he hoped that Solaris viewed their relationship less of simply a master and student one, and more of a friendship one, like he did. Light was sure he probably did. "What's up?" Light asked.

"Well, Lunaris is fine now. It's odd how things like a cold can leave her completely bedridden. Mom sent me here with the suggestion of us sparring as well. She seemed a bit..." The alicorn paused for the right word. "Agitated." He quickly donned a look of thought and gazed off into space, as if the air would provide an answer to his mother's mood.

"Well, I don't see why not." Light's words snapped Solaris out of his small trance, and his attention returned to Light. "I don't have much to do anyway." Light continued. "Dash is out doing other things so we had to reschedule our weekly race to tomorrow." Light fully extended his wings, involuntarily of course, they always had a habit of moving around without Light's consent. His wingspan was about twice that of an average pegasus. Light quickly took notice of his renegade wings, however, and rectified the problem by snapping them back to his sides. "Why don't we head out to the training ground?" He suggested. Solaris nodded, doubt about his mother clearing. If there was anything that brightened him up, it was sparring with a fellow knight. He galloped after Light, keeping quick pace as they made their way to the training ground.

"You are probably wondering why I asked you here." Celestia said, keeping her back to the eight ponies behind her. Without looking, she could tell who they were. Twilight, Rarity, and Coma Surge the Unicorns; Pinkie Pie and Applejack the Earth Ponies; as well as Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Moon Drop the Pegasi.

"Correct, miss." A country accented voice called. Applejack glanced between her friends and nodded. Finally turning, Celestia walked over to a table and lifted a large book with her magic, sending it over to the ponies.

"I was looking through this book, Prophecies of Ponies, when I found this one." There were a few moments of silence as everyone read, Twilight and Coma the first to gasp. The others quickly realized a second afterwards, making an even louder noise of surprise.

"You're saying that each species of pony is going to turn against the others?" Fluttershy asked. She seemed a bit more frail than usual. Celestia nodded.

"Unfortunatley, yes. This prophecy was made by Starswirl the Bearded. But he didn't put the exact date. Only: 'When Moon and Sun are reunited, and then Wisdom and Bravery are found.' So this was said to take place after Luna returned and we found Coma and Moon Drop's elements."

The eight ponies glanced at each other nervously, then Coma Surge spoke. "We do understand we are the Elements of Harmony, but how can eight ponies unite three different species? Four, if you count Seaponies." Fluttershy and Rarity whispered a few things, then Fluttershy spoke again, doing her best to refrain from stuttering.

"He's right. First off, even though we have defeated many great foes, we're not good at calming great quantities of ponies down. Secondly, we can't hold our breath for very long." She ended in a sheepish smile, backing up a few hoofpaces.

"I have a solution for that. There are four other ponies that can assist you. Only one is here, so you shall go with him to the others. Decade, you may come out now." Celestia turned to a figure the others has not noticed.

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