Eternity is a being of power. She is the sister of Decade, Millenia, and Century.

Eternia Justice
Gender Female
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Occupation One of the four Union Ponies; Peacekeeper of the Ocean Ponies
Eyes Green
Mane Gray-blue
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Coat Dark blue
Cutie Mark Bubble shaped like a peace sign


Eternity is a dark blue Seapony or Merpony with a gray-blue mane. She has bright green eyes and sometimes wears a black cloak. Her cutie mark is a bubble in the shape of a peace sign.


Eternity is one of the four Union Ponies to be called on should Equestria need them. She is the pony of the sea, and the most powerful. Taking the form of a Sea or Merpony, Eternity watches over the beings of the sea and makes sure there is no unjust feelings tward other pony species.

She was born along with Celestia and Luna, and used to be a member of the Canterlot Council, untill Discord ruled over. Discord turned her into a Seapony, Millenia into a Flutterpony, Century into a Unicorn, and Decade into an Earth Pony. He then whisked them away to different parts of the land, sending Eternity to the ocean. Eternity found she was able to change from seapony to merpon, but not her old alicorn self. She remained there untill Discord was overthrown and defeated with the elements.

Discord's spell was too powerful for Celestia to reverse, so she told Eternity of her new role. Eternity was to watch over to ponies of the sea and make sure there was peace against the different species. That's when Eternity's cutie mark appeared, a bubble in the shape of a peace sign. Eternity remains to this day as a guardian of the ocean ponies. She quickly made friends with Coral Beat and sees her a a perfect seapony/unicorn trust representative.


Millenia - Sister

Decade - Brother

Century - Brother


  • "Elements of Harmony, you must help! The Seaponies have claimed war on the ponies of the land!"