Evolved are a new sub-race of ponies that have been enhanced by evolution through physical, mental, and/or magical alterations.

There are two types of Evolved: Naturals and Artificials, with a subclass Alter Natural.

Unknown classifications signify entities that are ethereal in the world but possess powers or abilities that do not fit within the confines of the understanding of the world or were born or created through unknown or unnatural means.


Naturals are Evolved that are naturally born from an Evolved bloodline, inheriting or developing Evolved abilities without any artificial means. Naturals are much fewer in number than Artificials, but most of the time possess much more power.

As of now there are only 6 Naturals in existence.


Artificials are Evolved that gain their abilities through artificial means, either from genetic alterations, or being infused with Evolved DNA before birth. They are by far more plentiful in number than Naturals, but usually cannot match up to their power.

Due to the legalization of Artificial creation for military or other purposes in many countries outside Equestria, Artificials have been growing in number extremely quickly.

Alter Naturals

Alter Naturals are Evolved born naturally from Artificials, inheriting the altered genes from the Evolved parent.

The First

Among Evolved is the very first of the Evolved to ever live, Natural or Artificial. The Natural, Lightblade, is considered to be the most powerful Evolved in existence, and is renown among many people even outside the Evolved, and in the 17 years since his absence has become a legend and a myth.


Generally, most Evolved exhibit high physical and magical values, and show extreme combat capabilites and extremely high pain and damage thresholds.


The Natural's main advantage over Artificials is that they have a much higher physical and magical power rating than Artificials, as well as being able to take more punishment and being able to use their powers for longer durations in a fight. On top of this, their mental fortitude is generally higher than an Artificials since they do not carry the gene Artificials do that can cause insanity. Naturals are also the only type of Evolved that can use sub-signature abilities, and most of the time can utilize a signature ability as well.

The main disadvantage with Naturals is their power instability. Naturals are easily able to lose control of their magical abilities if they are unable to regulate them properly, which can result in damage to them and others around. They are also much, much fewer in number, with only 6 in total, with 3 separate bloodlines. Further, every Natural runs the risk of being killed by their own power. A Natural's power grows continuously throughout life, and although it does have a limit at some point, that level is usually beyond the Natural's ability to contain it, requiring him/her to adapt to remain in control.


An Artificial's advantage can lie in choice. Before one becomes and Artificial, he/she can choose what kind of abilities he/she would want to have, and more times than not, the experiment will be successful in that respect. Artificials show more power stability than Naturals, as it is included in their genes. Another advantage comes with strength in numbers. Artificials far outnumber Naturals by hundreds.

Disadvantages include being much less powerful overall than a Natural, as well having only a small chance of recieving a signature ability as a by-product of becoming an Artificial, as well as having absolutely no chance of gaining a sub-signature ability. Furthermore, insanity is not an uncommon side-effect of the transformation from a normal person into an Evolved, and many Artificials have had their mental status slowly decrease as time went on. This is a bug in the manufactured enhancements that simply cannot be bypassed.


An Alter-Natural can display advantages and disadvantages of both a Natural and an Artificial. While most of the time more powerful than the Artificial parent, their power still cannot match up to that of a pure Natural, however, Alter-Naturals most of the time will not be mentally or magically unstable. Alter-Naturals still cannot develop a sub-signature ability.

Known Evolved



Aero Blitz


Light Crescendo

Flashback and Backflash



Gravity X-Fold



Hell Bent



Point Blank







Signature Abilities

Some Evolved possess signature and unique abilities to them that are stronger than their other abilities. Although not all Evolved have a signature ability, those that do have a distinct advantage over those that don't.

Naturals tend to have signature abilities more often than Artificials, and if their numbers were equal it would be by a margin of 1/5, but with the very small number of Naturals, Artificials still have more with signature abilities.

Known Signature Abilities

  • Genetic Absorption and Familiar Creation - Lightblade
  • Pure Darkness - Darkblaze
  • Judgement Cut - Aero Blitz
  • Disruption Field - Lullaby
  • Alluring Lullaby - Light Crescendo
  • Black Hole - Gravity X-Fold
  • Dream World - Dreamcast
  • Substitution - Flashback and Backflash
  • Omnipresence - Schrodinger
  • Weaponization - Adam
  • Blood Control - Hell Bent
  • Bend Time - Lumina
  • Redo - ???
  • Possession - ???
  • Fate Change - Ramiel
  • Insanity - ???
  • Clairvoyance - Mephisto
  • Summoned Swords - Yamato
  • Force - Point Blank
  • Super Armor - ???
  • Death Scythe - Grimm

Sub-Signature Abilities

There are some abilities that are also passed down from generation to generation in a bloodline. These are usually a type of magical ability. Only Naturals can inherit sub-signature abilities.

Known Sub-Signature Abilities

  • Shift - Lightblade's bloodline
  • Diffusion - Flashback and Backflash's bloodline
  • Energy Dispersion Field - Lumina's bloodline

Ability Specifications

Signature Abilities

Genetic Absorption and Familiar Creation - Lightblade's ability to both absorb genetic material to augment himself in various ways temporarily or permanently, and allows him to create familiars of those whose genetic material he's absorbed to assist him.

Pure Darkness - Darkblaze's ability to control The Darkness. This ability evolved from being able to control the anger and hate attributed Darkness to controlling the neutral and pure Darkness, the most powerful form. As one of Light's familiars, he is able to transfer his powers to Light for his own use, and is able to use it separately to assist him in battle without Light having to act on it.

Judgement Cut - Aero Blitz's ability to conjure a powerful dimensional blade through his right eye, which acts outside the bounds of space-time, making it unblockable through physical and magical means and nearly unavoidable.

Disruption Field - Lullaby's ability to form an unbreakable shield using compressed space. This shield is unbreakable as long as Lullaby can supply it sufficient energy to block incoming attacks.

Alluring Lullaby - Light Crescendo's ability to sing a melody and hypnotize targets. Can be used to confuse, immobilize or even control certain targets, depending on their abilities.

Black Hole - Gravitz's ability to compress gravity so much it creates a miniature black hole, able to destroy anything within an extremely large radius, but dying as a result. It was programmed into him as a last resort attack, but was never used.

Dream World - Dreamcast's ability to travel through a pocket dimension that runs parallel to the real world, allowing him to do whatever he wants within the confines of the pocket dimension. This pocket dimension can be fused into the real world.

Substitution - Flashback and Backflash's ability to substitute one another should one of him get killed. After a time, one of him will recover and the skill will be able to be used again.

Omnipresence - Schrodinger's ability to be everywhere and nowhere, as well as his ability to be completely invincible and immortal.

Weaponization - Adam's ability to turn anything he touches into a lethal and near indestructible weapon, gaining immediate prowess in its use.

Blood Control - Hell Bent's ability to control blood to form weapons or to kill enemies from the inside among other things.

Bend Time - Lumina's ability to manipulate time to either slow or stop time for a limited duration.

Redo - ??? ability to retry certain events within a certain frame of time. This can be used to find alternate solutions to certain events, including being killed.

Possession - ??? ability to possess any living thing and manipulate it to his/her advantage.

Fate Change - Ramiel's ability to live through the last 10 minutes of someone's life in an attempt to bring them back to life by trying things differently. Can be repeated until satisfactory results are achieved  Does not work on himself.

Insanity - ??? ability to cause someone to go completely insane at the cost of his/her own sanity.

Clairvoyance - Mephisto's ability to see into the future with precise detail and accuracy to plan out his actions beforehand.

Summoned Swords - Yamato's ability to summon infinite magical blades to use by hoof, telekinetically or to send out at enemies. Can also be used for defense.

Force - Point Blank's ability to send out sharp super-compressed shockwaves to impact targets with forces that can cause space-time compression with enough power.

Super Armor - ??? ability to give himself armor through hardening carbon in his body, giving him near impenetrable defenses. The carbon armor hardens in response to impact, so he doesn't even have to activate it himself. Additionally gives extremely high strength values.

Death Scythe - Grimm's ability to intsantly kill any living being with one strike of his scythe. As long as his scythe does not hit the body, it can be blocked by weapons and defensive abilities.

Sub-Signature Abilities

Shift - Ability in Lightblade's bloodline to travel through space-time to travel places instantly or near instantly, and due to the quirkiness of messing with space-time, sometimes before the person even leaves. The advantage of this over teleportation is that it requires little magic and is completely unaffected by any hinderances in the real world, since the user transcends the normal plain of reality. It can also take on different attributes and the user can change direction without leaving Shift.

Diffusion - Ability in Flashback and Backflash's bloodline that allows the user to vibrate their molecular structure at high speed to phase through attacks and obstacles.

Energy Dispersion Field - Ability in Lumina's bloodline that emits a constant energy field around the person that completely nullifies any and all energy based attacks that it comes into contact with by changing to match the exact kind of energy signature of the attack and dispersing it throughout the air. This requires extremely little energy to maintain and is subconsciously kept up at all times, even during sleep. The field can change differently in different areas to counter multiple attacks at once.


Angels are Naturals that have gained so much power that it almost cannot be contained within physical reality, forcing the Natural to undergo a violent process in which his/her body with rapidly try to adapt to try to contain the magial energy, resulting in powerful magical backlashes that can destroy the Natural's body from the inside out. This process is only seen being triggered by a Natural of already considerable power gaining a massive boost in power extremely quickly, not giving the Natural's current reserves enough time to adapt to the change.

Artificials and Alter-Naturals cannot become Angels under any circumstance.