Put a short description of your character here. It should be one to four sentences long.

Example Page
A quick quote that your character is known for can go here
Kind Species of your character goes here
Gender State the gender of your character
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation Does your character have a job? If so, what?
Eyes What's their eye color?
Mane And their mane color? It is usually the same as the tail, but can be different
Nicknames {{{nicknames}}}
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Coat Simply put the coat's color here
Cutie Mark What's the mark on their flank? It should fit with one of their best traits, and if they don't have one yet, just don't put anything here
This isn't really needed
Singing voice Neither is this


Put a small description of your character's physical appearance. Any traits that are unordinary should be listed here, as well as any attire (clothing) or markings. It should describe at least the coat, mane, and cutie mark if a pony.


What adventures have your character experienced up to this point? Don't go into too much detail, but at least explain the important stuff. Depending on your character's age and their history, this should be at least one paragraph long.


Put a small list of any person that your character has drastically interacted with and their relatives. If they currently have none or are some kinda hermit, then either skip this section or put "none" in italics.


Person 1 - Brother

Person 2 - Best friend

Person 3 - Teacher


If there are any lines or phrases you characters says quite often, then list them here. Be sure to put when and where they said the quote.


  • "Looks like we better get going." - Getting ready for something


Any quirks or other information your character has that don't go anywhere else? Put it in here!


  • This character really enjoys chocolate
  • Biggest pet peeve is people ignoring them