Twilight becomes evil after everyone scorns her for past actions.

The Trouble BeginsEdit

Twilight Sparkle: Hello, everypony! (everyone looks mad at her) Did I do something?

Princess Celestia (sarcastically): Well, let's see! (angrily) You caused a fight over a doll!

Trixie: You outwitted me in that duel!

Discord: And you tried to use a spell to reform me!

Twilight Sparkle (now mad): Who told you this?!

Nostalagia Critic: I did! (appears to them)

Twilight Sparkle: You monster! (runs away crying)

Nostalagia Critic: You should've done this sooner. 

Everypony: Thanks for helping us!

Nostalagia Critic: You're welcome!

Twilight's houseEdit

(Twilight is crying)

Spike: It's been 3 days, Twilight! Get out of there!

Twilight: NNOO!!!

Spike: That's it! I'm going with Rarity!!

Twilight (slams the door open angrily with tears still in her eyes): Not... another step! Did you think I would sit idly by while everyone would continue to blame me for my actions?!?!

Spike: That was this is about?!

Twilight: Mark my word, you & everyone in Equestria will pay! There will be 1 pony in all of Equestria left & that pony... would be me!!!

(starts undergoing a transformation)

(Spike screams & runs out)

Sweet Apple AcresEdit

(Applejack notices the Flim Flam Brothers in her barn)

Applejack: What in tarnation are you 2 doing in my house?

Flim : Let us explain.

Flam: We had to come back because Nightmare Moon destroyed our Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000.

(Apple Bloom comes in, scared)

Applejack: Sis, what happened?

Apple Bloom: We got attacked by Discord at school!

Applejack: Alright, I'll call the others.

The Cakes' BakeryEdit

(Pinkie Pie sees Trixie, Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon)

Pinkie Pie: What are you doing here?

Diamond Tiara: Well, we'll got attacked by Discord at school! We were mostly targeted!

Trixie: Who ever this is, she's greater & more powerful than even me!

(Pinkie's phone rings)

Pinkie Pie: Hello? Applejack? You got the Flim Flam Brothers at your place? Ok! Bye


(Rainbow Dash sees Derpy Hooves, Lightning Dust & Gilda)

Rainbow Dash: What are you doing in my house?!

Derpy Hooves (scared): I was attacked by Queen Chrysalis!

Gilda: So were us.

(Scootaloo comes in, scared)

Rainbow Dash: Scootaloo! What happened?!

Scootaloo: I got attacked by Discord!

(Rainbow Dash's phone rings)

Rainbow Dash: Hello? Pinkie Pie? You have Trixie, Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon with you?! Ok! Bye!

Fluttershy's cottageEdit

(Discord comes in)

Fluttershy: Discord, what's wrong?!

Discord: Someponies are accusing me for attacking them!

(Fluttershy's phone rings)

Fluttershy: Hello? You got Gilda & Lightning Dust at your house? Alright! Bye!

Rarity's houseEdit

(Rarity sees the Diamond Dogs in her house)

Rarity: What are you doing at my place?

Rover: We got attacked by King Sombra!

(Sweetie Belle comes in)

Rarity: Sis, what's going on?!

Sweetie Belle: We got attacked by Discord at school!

(Queen Chrysalis comes in)

Queen Chrysalis: You got to hide me! I've been framed! (Rarity's phone rings) Hello? Discord! Where are you? At Fluttershy's house? You got framed too?! Ok, bye!

Nostalgia Critic's placeEdit

Nostalgia Critic: And that's why My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is broken! (phone rings) Hello?

???: I'm coming for you, Critic! (hangs up)

Nostalgia Critic (now a bit paranoid): Ok, I'm not going to throw caution to the wind here.


(a doorbell rings)

Nostalgia Critic: Now who could that be? (opens the door) You?! AAAHHH!!! Ow!! Help me!!! She's tearing me apart!!! (gets sent through a portal)

Celestia's caslteEdit

(King Sombra, Star Swirl the Bearded & Sunset Shimmer appear)

Sunset Shimmer: You have to hide us!

Celestia: Why?

Star Swirl: We've been framed!

King Sombra: Help us!

(a cell phone rings)

Celestia: Hello? you got the convicts! Good! Meet me here ok bye! Bring the elements!

The meetingEdit

The revealEdit

The fightEdit

Heel realizationEdit

The endEdit

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