Fauna is a quiet earth pony. She is one of the Nature Equines and represents freedom, animals, and unity. She is the sister of Flora.

"They weren't doing anything bad..."
Kind Earth Pony
Gender Female
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Occupation One of the Nature Equines
Eyes Medium blue
Mane Deep rose
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Coat Honey orange
Cutie Mark Rabbit head


Fauna has a honey-orange coat and medium blue eyes. Her mane and tail are a deep rose, and her cutie mark is a red rabbit's head.



Fauna appears to be a little off, as if not really focusing on the main issue. Those that are close to her, however, are aware that she feels the pain of every being that receives pain unfairly. It takes a large amount of will to not scream or cry out, but she manages to do so as she is stronger than most earth ponies.

When somepony gets to know her, Fauna seems to be concerned more about innocent creatures than real ponies. She admits that she's a bit narrow-minded because of this, but it was why she was created, so it is her duty.