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The Flavor family is the largest family in Yummington. Although the family's home base is in Yummington, they are spread all over Equestria, competing with the Sugar family for the ultimate pasty-baking power.

Golden was sent to check on their progress for the princesses' royal ball when they requested pastries from both the Flavor family and the Sugar family. Swiss Mocha introduced the family with Vanilla Bean as her mother and Pistachio Pecan as her father.

A full family tree will be posted later.

Family MembersEdit

The first generation of the Flavor family includes the following ponies:

Lemon Tart: yellow with dark yellow mane (mother)

Vanilla Bean: cream with chocolate mane (daughter)

Berry Bright: blue with purple and pink mane (daughter)

Hot Cocoa: light brown with dark brown mane (son)

After they had grown, Vanilla Bean, Berry Bright, and Hot Cocoa married other ponies and had their own fillies.

Vanilla Bean & Pistachio PecanEdit

Pistachio Pecan: tan with brown mane (father)

Swiss Mocha: dark brown with brown mane (daughter)

Mocha Fudge: dark brown with black mane (daughter)

Neopolitan: pink with brown and white mane (son)

Berry Bright & Black RaspberryEdit

Black Raspberry: black with red mane (father)

Blueberry Swirl: blue with blue mane (son)

Raspberry Swirl: red with red mane (daughter)

Lemon Meringue: yellow with cream mane (daughter)

Banana Cream: cream with yellow mane (daughter)

Cherries Jubilee: red with pink mane (daughter)

Caramel Cream & Hot CocoaEdit

Caramel Cream: caramel with darker caramel mane (mother)

Mint Chip: green with brown mane (daughter)

Cookie Dough: light brown with brown mane (daughter)

Rocky Road: brown with black mane (son)

Moosetracks: green with black mane (son)

Oreo: white with black and white mane (daughter)

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