Rarity sat on her couch with her feet up on the arm. Spike sat there frozen. He just confessed to Rarity he had a foot fetish. Rarity just told him to stand at the edge of the couch.

R: lick

s: what?

R: I said lick spike be a good boy and lick my sweaty fset She had a stern look on her face which means she ment business. Spike began licking her feet and enjoying it. She crossed her legs with an emotion less face. There was no telling what she was thinking. Spike licked her feet like a dog.

R: stop (spike stopped) (she crosses her legs and puts them on the floor) kiss

Spike kissed her toes and under her soles.

R: see this spike (Rarity helled a phone in her hand) imm gonna call twilight and tell her about your little fetish

s: rarity please don't!!! Illl do anything you want

But she was already calling twilight

r: I didnt say stop keep kissing my feet. keep going spike be a good boy

Spike obeyed but he had tears coming down his face he did not want twilight knowing about his fetish

r: hello twilight guess what........spike has a foot fetish............he told me........he's licking my feet ..............ok see you soon

r:(smiling) twilight will be here soon until then keep kissing my feet

Spike obeyed again he was horrified at twilight knowing his secret but raritys feet were totally worth it

s: I'm so tired can I stop, plus your feet smell very bad

r: boohoo darling just because you are complaining take this....

Rarity then proceeds to take her sweaty smelly sock and put it in spikes mouth. After she put tape over his mouth so he can't spit it out

*knocking came from the door*

r: Come in!!!

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