Fractured Psyche
Fractured Psyche (1)
"It's Not Over Yet"
Kind Unicorn
Gender Male
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation Necromancer
Eyes Red (with green eye-whites)
Mane Red & Crimson
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Coat Salmon
Cutie Mark Skull with snake
Singing voice me


Fractured Psyche is a cold, calculating, malevolant pony, who enjoys the suffering and missfortune of others. He takes pleasure in causing things fear. TBC


He is the Illigitimate son of King Sombra, and wants revenge on twilight sparkle for killing his father. He was born some time before King Sombra took over the crystal empire, and was raised by sombra in the dark army. After sombra's defeat at the hands...errr..hooves of twilight sparkle, He began planning his revenge. 


His cutie mark is a snake entwining a skull. It represents his proficiancy in Dark Magic . He can use dark magic to do all sorts of things including:

  • Create dark crystals
  • Summon the Undead
  • Use mind control (on ponys with weak minds).
  • Summon Spirits


There are 3(-4) spirits that Fractured Psyche can summon.

The Headless HorseEdit

Headless Horse

The Headless Horse with her(?) head-taker

The Headless Horse, told about in scary campfire stories, is a very real being. It is the spirit of pain, and its main goal is to take heads. TBC(?)




Monoculus is the spirit of Judgement. TBC




Shreik, only appearing in Transitz's MLPRPG as the final boss, is the spirit of Madness. It is a being made entirely out of Dark Magic. 


"It's Not Over Yet!"Edit

This song is Fractured explaining to his henchmen the plan to take out twilight sparkle. Lyrics TBA.


  • He is one of my ponyfications (2/4)
  • His cutiemark is based on the deatheater symbol from the Harry Potter series.
  • He is a huge fan of H.P.Hoofcraft


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