Freedom and Justice are two heavily customized Colt M1911 handguns and are the weapons Ishi starts out with in Belonging.


It is unknown what the service history of these pistols are, but Ishi does recall that they have served him well for whatever purpose, and he is very fond of the weapons, the modifications being his own work.


Freedom and Justice are exactly identical in shape, size and weight. However, Freedom is plated a shining chrome with her name etched into the side in decorative black lettering, while its brother, Justice, is black plated with his name printed in silver in the same decorative font. Freedom has a black magazine release, hammer, safety switch and trigger, while Justice has the same chromed.

Both guns have undergone extensive upgrades and customization, including:

  • Upward muzzle breaks to reduce recoil and counter muzzle flip. Both barrels are extended as a result.
  • Special spring system in the slide to further reduce recoil.
  • Both Freedom and Justice use combat sights.
  • Both use double stack magazines to increase bullet count from 7 to 10. They are also compatible with standard 7 round magazines.
  • Specialized rifling to increase muzzle velocity and stopping power.
  • Justice's ejection port is on the left side of the slide, as it is meant to be wielded in the left hand.
  • Both guns have ergonomic handgrips.
  • Both use hooked, two handed trigger guards for when only one is needed.
  • Short-pull triggers allow for a faster trigger pull and in effect a faster rate of fire.

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