The horn of the unicorn type can hold great can turn one to stone, time travel, grant wings, or just lifting basic objects. But, there is one kind of magic that's more powerful than anything the unicorns can do. Friendship. From Nightmare Moon, to Discord, and the Queen of Changlings, another foe has come to haunt all of Equestria. This monster can turn you into it's slave by a simple stare. Can the mane six vanquish this beast, before it rules Equestria? And is the Elements of Harmony going to destroy the enemy in rainbows?

The Story Edit

Chapter OneEdit

It was a usual day for Twilight Sparkle. The little birds flew around Ponyville, chirping, and singing, and Spike was still obsessing over Rarity. "Twilight, I had I dream where I married Rarity. Do you think it would ever happen?" Spike walked down their stairs of their tree shaped home.

Twilight sighed. All this talk of his Rarity crush annoyed her. "No offence, but I don't think it will ever happen..." Spike looked at her for a few moments, and then smiled.

"Twilight, stop discouraging me because you obviously don't suppo-" Suddenly, green flames soared out of Spike's mouth, and a letter appeared. He handed it to Twilight. "Uh, here's a present.

"Dear my most faithul student, Twilight Sparkle. One very dangerous monster has escaped Tartarus. I don't know how Cerberus failed to guard the gate. So, that is why I am calling you hear today to meet me in Canterlot. You must be very quick, as he's on his way to Ponyville!" Twilight read allowed the scroll, and almost fainted. "Spike! This is an emergency! We've got to go!"

The pony dashed out of the house, as Spike troddled behind. Outside their house, was a beautiful carriage, which was flown by two, large Pegasus'. Spike and Twilight jumped in, and they flew in the air, heading straight for Applejack's farm.

Meanwhile, Applejack and her younger, filly sister Applebloom where carrying back apples that they have harvested. "Look sis! A carriage!" Applebloom pointed her hoof in the sky, as it landed right in front of them.

"What in tarnation? Applejack confusingly said. She saw the terrified looks on the passenger's faces, and questioned them, "What's the matter, sugarcubes?"

"Applejack! I have no time to explain! Get inside, we must get to Canterlot as soon as possible!" Applejack scurried inside the carriage, and it immediately took off!

The crate fell of Applebloom's back, and a small tear, dripped down her yellow face. "I'll miss you, Applejack..."

"Alright, we've gotten Applejack, now we need the other four..." Suddenly, a giant rainbow exploded in midair, and a pony with a rainbow mane, sped through the sky.

She laughed, "Now that, Fluttershy, is speed! Now you give it a try!" Rainbow Dash smiled, but the other pegasus shook her head.

"No." She replied softly. "I'm not good enough...I'm too slow."

"Fluttershy, you need to have self confidence!" Rainbow Dash glared at her, and rolled her eyes. Fluttershy apologized, and just noticed the carriage.

"Oh, hi girls, and Spike. What's with the fancy carriage?" Fluttershy flew over to them, slowly. Rainbow Dash had already beaten her to the carriage.

Twilight spoke. "Quickly get inside, we need to go!" The two nodded, and hopped inside the carriage, and it flew at high speeds.

"Rarity, want to come to Sugarcube Corner with me? We have a very new delicious recipe! You have to try it! It is simply delicious!" Pinkie Pie licked her lips, and hopped around Rarity's fabric.

Rarity sighed, and was annoyed by the crazy pony. "I'm very sorry Pinkie, but I need to finish off these dresses that Derpy and Colgate ordered. And I'll be too busy today!"

Pinkie Pie had a sad expression on her face, desperate to change the fashionista's mind. "Aww, Rarity. But you promised! And I really have to know if it tastes good! And I need to know if there's too much chocolate, too little chocolate, too much chocolate syrup, or too little chocolate syrup, or too much..."

"Oh, for Pony's sake! I'll go!" Rarity shouted, reluctant to go.

"Really?" Pinkie hopped in joy. And started to sing out a song.

"I've a new recipe!

And gosh, I wonder if people think it's yum!

It contains chili!

Isn't that so silly?

Rarity my pal!

Is the best pony gal!

Is going to test it for me!

The one and only Piiiinkkkiiieeeeeeeeeeeee."

Right before she could say 'Pie', the door suddenly slammed open. Twilight walked in. "Pinkie Pie, Rarity! Get in the carriage it's an emergency! I have no time to explain! Just hurry!"

The two followed Twilight into the carriage. Once everyone was inside, it was flown into the air, and made it's way to Canterlot.

"Alright, I've had to postponed my very important dress making for a visit to Canterlot." Rarity begun. "So, why are we going there? I'm really busy.

Fluttershy softly added. "I don't mind at all."

"Uh, all will be explain when we arrive." Twilight looked out into the sky, and a tear dripped down her eye. "It's really bad..."

The mane six suddenly found them outside the Castle, as the carriage had landed. They burst through the door, and rushed over to Princess Celestia.

"Thank you for coming." Princess Celestia said. "An evil foe has risen from Tartarus, and will bring destruction to Canterlot! I need you to locate the Elements of Harmony, and stop this creature before it's all too late.."

"Not a challenge at all." Rainbow grinned. "We've already taken down Nightmare Moon and Discord without any trouble. How hard can it be?"

"This foe is much more powerful than you think... If you stare into his eyes, you get turned onto his side, and worship him. And that's why we need to get rid of him as soon as we can!" Princess Celestia informed her.

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