Gadget Excited
Gadget is a pegasus suffering from amnesia. He could only remember his Talent. He saved Time Spinner's life and Time adopted him as he was barely an adult and didn't recall any family. He is two years younger then Time Spinner. He was created by NeoExlucky.


Gadget is a grey pegasus with a black, long mane and tail. His eyes are dark blue. His cutie Mark is a wrench which represents his ability to repair and invent things on the fly with minimal parts.


Despite being able to invent things out of seemingly thin air, Gadget is reletivly...stupid. He has trouble comprehending things and can't seem to solve puzzles. He disapproves of school and learning and believes in learning while doing and sometimes takes this too far. He also will forgive almost anypony no matter what they did, even if they didn't apoligize. What he lacks in knowledge, he makes up for in strength. Gadget isn't very fast but he has tons of stamina and power on his side. Gadget can push and move very large objects without feeling tired afterwards. In a group Gadget is normally their to support his friends and take on large enemies. He's got a heart of gold but diislikes when someone takes adventage of him.


A questionable pastEdit

Being as how Gadget has amnesia, we don't have much knowledge of who he was in the past. We do know a few things about him though, his name before had was Circuit breaker and he was engaged to Lady Sundial, the princess of Time. He caught in the middle of a time loop and to escape he took on a new look that resembled more of Time Spinner, the one who caused the time loop, as well as forget everything from the past. It is also shown that Gadget knows how to use hoof blades and due to this it is implied that he was form another country and was raised by royals, or aristocrats.

After AmnesiaEdit

Time Spinner had tried to commit suicide but was stopped by Gadget. After Time figured out what happened he was adopted by Time Spinner and they lived a quiet life in Canterlot for almost two years. The two begin their adventures after the events of Magical Mystery Cure.

Less OC?Edit

Just like Time Spinner Gadget also has a 2.0 version of himself where he is just a repair shop owner in Trottingham. Nothing else has been said about this version of Gadget.


Gadget is featured in several Timelines where he is an important character.


Gadget is Time Spinner's adoptive brother with some differnet morals. The Destiny series is a show that is going to premiere on youtube and was developed by NeoExlucky. Gadget is set to appear to appear in the first episode.


Gadget is a main character in the Legacy series. He makes his first appearence in The Academy Chapter 1, where he becomes a wonderbolt. He is corrupted into a shadowbolt in the sequel The Academy Chapter 2, and has a visoin of the future and is killed in the finale, The Academy Chapter 3. He also gives Time Spinner one of his finale powers, the ancient form. Gadget was going to have a love interest in Swift Blitz, another up-and-coming wonderbolt. However due to not knowing how to fit that in the series NeoEx simply put her as a adoptive sister of Time and Gadget.


Gadget is still dead in this one but he does speak to Seeker and Silver Chain, his two nieces. He offers advice to them and sometimes helps them in their travels. Other then that he doesn't do much.


Gadget is an Element of harmony in this series along with several other newcomer ponies. He represents spirit and Empathy. His personality is a bit changed but he still remains almost the same way as before.

The SpiteverseEdit

While Time is changed to deity before he can attempt suicide, Gadget is still around and tries to fight the discorded. He is killed by an unknowing DigiBrony.



Gadget is very strong and can do lots of things without getting tired.


Gadget knows how to use hoof blades very well.

Theme SongEdit

Gadget does not have a theme song as of yet.


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