Gilgamesh is a legendary weapon that is said to only be able to be wielded by a true King. It is set to appear in the fanfiction Belonging.


Gilgamesh was said to have been crafted by the most skilled weaponmakers of all time specifically to be fit for the King of Kings, Celestia's father, long before her rule. It was lost long ago until it was discovered by Ishi who uses it in conjunction with Arondight.


A unique ability to Gilgamesh is that it takes on a different form from user to user, resulting in drastically varying properties per incarnation. Constants are it's mighty power, with the ability to easily overpower any enemy and rid any obstacle.


Gilgamesh's form changes with its user, taking on forms from swords to shields to throwing stars. Its current form, as wielded by Ishi, it is a clawed gauntlet that fits him perfectly. The claws are chromed and bladed with a guardplate across the forearm to be used for defense. The claws can be retracted to fit onto the guardplate to give it the appearance of a simple guardplate over a black fingerless glove. The claws can be used for both attack and defense, being able to deflect most blows and striking quick to slash at enemies.

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