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Ea is an Babylonian Principle deity, one of the God of Twelve



Magic & Abilities

Primary Abilities:


Other Abilities:

Immense Strength

Other Additional Information

Known Gods:

Tales Series

God, also known as an "Principle" are a type of Divine found in religions. The title "God" refers to an absolute being in mythological contexts. While Equestria doesn't seem to hold any forms of religion or worship.

Due to the capabilities of the two Alicorn Princesses, the humans sees them as "Gods". However, this is not the case as Apollo stated that they are only able to move the sun & moon due to them being his daughters.

Gods are revered to be absolute in their aspect they embody, and are mostly worshiped in Human nations such as Albion. However, only a few Gods have truly appear in the physical world.

Tree of Harmony

Certain Gods are also connected to the Tree of Harmony, planted by Harmony, the tree helps the Gods to stay in existence since the dawn of their own existence. If the tree were to be harmed/destroyed, the Gods will lose their "embodiment aspects", and fall from Divinity to become a Nature Spirit.

Trivia & Notes

  • This article does NOT refer to real world supreme being known as "God". In the context of the Tales Series, it is a title held by a major chief god, or an primal Divine who holds supreme/absolute power over an aspect or concept.

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