Golden Gate is a very shy Pegasus pony. He appears in the fanfiction Falling Down


Golden Gate is a bright mustard yellow Pegasus with an orange mustard mane. He has red eyes, and his cutie mark is a bridge.


Not much is known about Golden's past, though very recent events still cross ponies' minds.

He was born in Manehattan, and moved to Ponyville at a young age. While he was there, his sister passed away for some reason, Ponies believe it to be a manticore attack. Golden knew the truth, but he didn't say anything and let the manticore rumor pass by.


Empire State - Father

Rushmore - Mother

Liberty Bell - Sister (Deceased)

London Bridge - Uncle

Eiffel Tower - Aunt

Rhine River - Cousin

Dover Cliffs - Cousin



  • He and his family are named after American monuments