Gravity X-Fold, nicknamed Gravitz, is an Pegasus of unknown origin. He is the first surviving prototype of the Advanced Evolution Project.

Gravity X-Fold
Kind Pegasus - Evolved
Gender Male
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Occupation Second Knight of the White Knights - Second Generation
Eyes Silver
Mane Dark Blue
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Coat Black
Cutie Mark None

Early Life

Unbenownst to him, Gravitz was genetically altered when he was still in an embryotic state. Once he was born, the scientists at AEP used growth modifications to speed up his growth immensely. Due to this, he is actually only a month old.

Discovering the Truth

Gravitz seeks nothing more than to figure out who and what he is, and why he was made the way he was. This search would lead him to meet Lightblade, and the two of them and their journey together is the storyline for the upcoming fanfiction, The Eleven Day Rain.


After the events concerning his origin, Gravitz decided to take up residence in Canterlot, becoming a knight for the Canterlot Royal Guard. Eventually he works his way up in the ranks and becomes Second Knight of the White Knights.


Gravitz was killed by Dreamcast during the liberation of Canterlot. He was impaled by the Dawnbreaker, destroying his soul and effectively erasing him from existence.


Although kind at heart, Gravitz can come off as uncaring and easily agitated, and he normally is. He does not make new friends easily, but to the ones he does befriend, he is social to and caring for. Gravitz wishes to know who he is, and why he was given his powers, and he also wishes to destroy the ones who made him this way to prevent them from hurting any others as they did him.

Powers and Abilities

Hence his name, Gravitz has the ability to manipulate gravity at will. He is very skilled in this practice and can fluently combat enemies utilizing gravity to easily incapacitate or kill his enemies.