Grimm the Reaper
Kind Pegasus
Gender Male
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Eyes Gray
Mane White
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Coat Black
Cutie Mark Death Skull
My name... want to know how I got it? Actually, why don't I give you a demonstration?

—Grimm to Lightblade

Grimm is a powerful unknown classified Evolved, being neither Natural or Artificial.


Sometimes called Grimm the Reaper, in light of his ability, but has only started appearing in the world, killing off people who he thinks "deserves to die", which may not necessarily be the right people. He is a Reaper, and therefore possesses abilities over death.


Mainly dark and secluded, he sees himself as a "bringer of justice through death". He seems to have a hatred toward other Evolved, seeing them as disbalance in an otherwise orderly world, and something that must be eradicated.

Lightblade is Grimm's main target, seeing him as the origin of the Evolved, and therefore the cause of the disbalance of the world, coupled with the fact that he has a resistance to Death Scythe.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being an Evolved of some kind, and a Reaper, Grimm displays an unnatural amount of physical and magical ability, in this case, rivalling Lightblade's own not necessarily in the amount of power possessed, but in the amount of damage that can be done. His signature ability gives him the power to instantly kill any living thing with one single strike of his scythe, Corvus, even if the wound inflicted would not be fatal without it. He can in fact kill Lightblade with this ability, as it is absolute, however Light can counter this by substituting his familiars in his place if need be.

He is NOT able to kill Schrodinger.

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