Heart Skipper is a taunting and seductive Alicorn Pony. She is the older sister of Heart Flutter, Heart Breaker, and Heart Pounder. She is the daughter of Love Beat and Love Tangle.

Heart Skip n' Shatter
"What do you say we go out sometime?"
Gender Female
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Eyes Red
Mane Pale pink and Stark rose
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Coat Bubblegum
Cutie Mark Trail of hearts with bounce marks


Heart Skipper is a bright pink Alicorn pony. She has a stark rose and pale pink mane, as well as red eyes. Her cutie mark is a trail of hearts with bounce marks on it.


Born in Cloudsdale, Heart Skipper had a way with boys. She often would flirt with them for a time, then dump them just for fun. She quickly went through most of the colts, but then they started to wise up and ignore her. Her feinted love not satisfied, she moved on to Ponyville to try some more. On the way, she got affected by Poison Joke, causing her coat and mane to turn muddy brown. She went to Flittershy to ask for help, seeing as she was the nearest pony, and the older mare pointed her to Zecora.

She hurried on to Zecora's hut, and the zebra quickly made up a remedy. Thanking her, Heart Skipper hurried back to Ponyville. After taunting a few more colts, she earned her Cutie Mark.