Created by SyrinxPriest2112 on DeviantArt, Heartburn is a young mare who lives in Ponyville, but formerly lived in Vanhoover. Heartburn has light brown fur and a mane and tail which are a chocolate-y brown and bright blue. Her eyes are a brownish red, and she has a mare-friend named Twirly Top.

Personality Edit

Heartburn is incredibly calm and collected, almost never breaking her "hippie-like" facade. Beneath her horrible-smelling coat lies a heart that is filled with rage and hatred for most ponies that aren't her friends. She is not a poser, however, and does actually enjoy telling other ponies about chakras, inner peace, music therapy and all that good stuff.

Skills Edit

Nopony is truly sure what Heartburn's talent is, not even Heartburn herself. The closest anypony's ever come to is that her cutie mark (which is a heart which is half blue and half red) is a yin-yang like symbol meant to represent her inner peace with her emotions.

History Edit

Most of Heartburn's life has been shrouded in mystery. Some residents of Ponyville claim to have seen her when she first flew into town. according to witnesses, Heartburn was seen clumsily flying through the sky with a flag that read "if found, please return to Vanhoover" in her mouth. After about 10 minutes of watching the show, the residents saw Heartburn crash into a pretty barren patch of land on the outskirts of Ponyville. The next day, many went to check on the mare only to find a hole dug to be a perfect living quarters. When questioned about it, Heartburn's only reply was "I guess I just did this by hoof, my dudes.".

After living in a literal hole in the ground on the outskirts of Ponyville for almost a year and furbishing her hole with furniture, Heartburn finally left her house and went into town trying to find some friends. The first pony she met was a unicorn named Twirly Top, who quickly introduced Heartburn to all of her friends; A unicorn named Dream Eater, a pegasus named Thunderspark and two earth ponies named Electric Shock and Sprinkle Puff. The rest was history.

Relationships Edit

  • Twirly Top (Mare-friend)
  • Thunderspark (Best friend)
  • Dream Eater (Friend)
  • Electric Shock (Friend)
  • Sprinkle Puff (Friend)

Trivia Edit

  • Heartburn, in early designs, was actually a unicorn. In later edits, she was made into a pegasus as she is now, but was orange and had a personality identical to Rainbow Dash.
  • As you may notice, Heartburn's eyes are always red. Seeing as how this is a family-friendly wiki I will not explain why, so we'll just say that she doesn't get enough sleep.

Quotes Edit

  • "I swear to high I'm not Celestia, Officer..."
  • "Celestia can walk on water, but can she swim on land?"
  • "All ya need to do is align your chakras er somethin'."
  • "Oh, I'm a great baker. In more ways than one, actually."
  • "Equestria's my oyster? That's not good. I have an allergy to shells."
  • "My friends are like different types of glue. They stick together, and they were horses at some point."

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