Okay, I'll follow your lead.

—Heaven Dawn

Heaven Dawn is an Alicorn born from Canterlot.
Heaven Dawn
Kind Alicorn
Gender Female
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation Eight Knight of the White Knights - First Generation

Fourth Knight - Second Generation

Eyes Light Blue
Mane Red
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Coat Grey
Cutie Mark Blue Circle in a Red Circle

Early LifeEdit

Heaven Dawn was born into high nobility. She was taught in the ways of regality. She always attended parties with other nobility with her parents, and was regarded as any other young heiress to nobility. She had met Princess Celestia at a young age, as well as a young Lightblade with her, but she didn't think anything of him. She practiced normal magic skills such as manipulating objects around her, but never got into advanced techniques. She eventually moved out into her own house in Canterlot, and still held her noble status. She eventually came across books containing advanced magic abilities, which she studied on. Soon, she was using her magic in many new ways, and with that, she became less strict about her heritage, and began exploring the world. She had the started to socialize with ponies in the common class, and even lower, and regularly helped out with things she could in Ponyville or Cloudsdale.

The White KnightsEdit

Heaven Dawn joined the White Knights by Princess Celestia's request, saying that she could learn a thing or two from joining, and that she had the ability to do so. She met Lightblade for the second time and got to training. She excelled in magic and hoof-to-hoof combat, and showed incredible speed and strength, and high magic power. She now acts as a magic and close combat specialist, often partnering with Light as they have similar abilities.


Heaven Dawn is a determined and trusting pony. She is reliable in her actions and tries her best not to let anyone down. She is confident in her abilities, but always knows when to back down. She will always stand up for her friends, and is very persuasive in reasoning. She doesn't think of herself much as nobility, even though she is still heiress to one of the most prestigious families in Canterlot.


Heaven Dawn has high magical abilities, and she is able to perform many feats of magic too advanced for many other Unicorns. He uses her magic to her advantage in battle. Although she can use her magic at range, she is best at close combat. She has been taught how to form energy blades from Light, and though not nearly as powerful as his, she can still wield them with deadly efficiency. She is fast, agile, and strong in combat, and is an expert as using her environment to her advantage. She can partner up with Light to increase their effectiveness in combat, acting in unison and striking at every angle.

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