Yes! That's it! That lust for blood! That pure killing instinct! That's what we share!

—Hell Bent to Lightblade

Hell Bent
Kind Earth Pony - Evolved
Gender Male
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Eyes Red
Mane Blood Red
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Coat Black
Cutie Mark Blood mark
Hell Bent is an Earth Pony Artificial Evolved.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hell Bent is an Artificial Evolved, and as such possesses high physical and magical abilities.

His signature ability is Blood Control, allowing him to make many forms with his own or other's blood, be it weapons or even wings for flight. He can use this ability for other purposes as well, such as dashing or defense. He can also siphon the life out of someone to add to his own vitality, no matter the blood type. He can also use another's blood inside their own body to kill them from the inside.

He cannot absorb the blood of certain Evolved that are much more powerful than him.


Hell Bent is extremely unstable in his personality, a side effect from genetic alteration, easily getting lost in a fight and turning into an animalistic killer. Outside of combat, he is reclusive and tends to work alone. He loves to fight and kill, and he doesn't seem to care for much in the world. He enjoys fighting Lightblade when he is in his berserk state as well, loving how their personalities are similar when in that state, and he always tries to get him to enter that state whenever they meet.

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